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halloween makeup trends 2021

illustration by macie sadler

Halloween is only a couple of days away and many are anticipating the night’s festivities. From those who have already ordered or received their costume, to those who just plan on attending parties, everyone knows at the end of the day that the makeup is what makes the outfit really pop. A year full of uncertainty and charged with creativity has generated limitless inspirations for Halloween looks this October. 

These looks are so effective that you won’t need an expensive costume to look your best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro- anyone can pull these off. Whether you’d like to go spooky or glitzy, you’re bound to find a look here.

Looking for something pretty but simple?

This is for you:

Chic Alien

This is perfect for a last-minute option. All you need is green eyeshadow, white eyeliner and a couple basics like foundation and an eyebrow pencil to really nail this. Match with a metallic outfit and a fun headpiece or hairstyle. 

Glam Pirate

This look isn’t super played out and you can customize it to suit your vibe. Smoked-out eyeshadow and inky black eyeliner with a bold lip is all you’ll need. Add face jewels and a nose ring for a fun touch. Pair with a scarf or bandana and you’re ready to go. Use this tutorial to nail this look.

Mystical Fairy

This look can be created in many ways, either with drawn-on wings, gems around the eyes or stars on the cheek. You’ll need: highlighter and as much glitter as you desire, paired with a mini dress and wings. 

Two-Toned Eye Makeup

Can’t decide on one color? Do both. Try this purple and orange look for a simple vibe. For bold eyeshadow like this, you’re going to want to have the right makeup brushes on hand, plus a good makeup primer to start with so your hard work lasts all night.

Looking for something creepy but cool?

This is for you:


This one’s a bit more challenging as it features super-fine lines, but invest in some good liquid eyeliner and you’re good to go. The blended smokey eye and the two-toned web add such an edgy touch. Match this with spooky earrings and a choker to complete the look.

Devilish Diva

To rock this simple look requires a good brow, red contacts and light smokey eyeshadow paired with sequins or gems and a matte red lip. Warning: the sparkly eyeshadow and sultry red lips may seduce partygoers instead of scaring them off.

Wednesday Addams

Super-defined brows are crucial to this look, along with a ghost-white base and purple eyeshadow. If you love the color black, then channel your inner Wednesday Addams with this vampy makeup look. Don’t forget the signature outfit.

Veiny Vampire

This is perfect if you want spooky but lowkey. You’ll only need a few basics: black eyeshadow, red eyeliner, and it’s pretty easy to execute. Match with an all-black outfit to complete the dark look. Use this tutorial to perfect the veins.

Looking for something exciting and unexpected? 

This is for you:

Comic Book Character

Transform yourself into a comic book character with a few straight-forward strokes of black gel liner. Finish it off with a red lip and some dots, then add your favorite party dress. 

Cruella de Vil

It’s the year of Cruella: a bold red lip is part of the heiress’ signature look, but this look takes things up a notch with Dalmatian-inspired dots on the neck and face. For a more simple look, you can give yourself speckled lids in Cruella’s favorite colors with the help of some cherry red eyeliner, spots of black liquid liner and a white base. 

The Bride of Chucky

The world’s scariest doll returns and is cuter than ever. Thin eyebrows, purple smokey eyelid and a deep red lip are crucial for this look. Pair with a leather jacket and an edgy outfit. 

Poison Ivy

With just a few products (and a steady hand), you can look exactly like one of Batman’s enemies. Who knew green eyeshadow with a bejeweled lip and nails could look Instagram-worthy? This Halloween makeup look is perfect for anyone who wants to feel on-theme and pretty.

Cow Print

It’s no secret that cow print is everywhere right now, so why not take the trend to the next level with this Halloween makeup? You’ll need a solid amount of face paint to recreate this look, along with a couple of detailing brushes to get the edges of your spots super precise. The blue eyeshadow elevates the whole look and creates a more glam vibe. Lastly, top it off with a cowboy hat. Perfect this look by using this tutorial.

Keep your eye on these Halloween looks this year: it’s the season where everyone dresses as either their alter ego or a costume they’ve waited all year to pull off. All of these makeup trends are exciting enough to look forward to the night’s festivities. 

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