everyone needs a tote bag


Illustration by Maryrose Ceccarelli

Why does everyone need a tote bag added to their accessory list? Tote bags have so many uses to them, which makes them necessary to have. If you didn’t already have a tote bag, you will want one after this article. 


There are many different types of tote bags: leather, solid color and printed, just to name a few. Tote bags come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. They can make any outfit choice casual, styled with streetwear like oversized shirts and baggy jeans. On the other hand,  tote bags can make a look more sophisticated when worn with a blazer and a nice heel. A tote bag adds just the right amount of spice to complete a look.


So how can you jump on this tote bag trend?

Online sites such as Etsy, Amazon, SHEIN  and Instagram host a variety of styles, colors, textures and shapes. You are guaranteed to find something that suits your style. Also, consignment clothing stores have one-of-a-kind tote bag items. The options are endless. Not only are tote bags trendy, but they are very convenient. Sometimes we tend to carry extra items in our purse for those ‘just in case’ moments, so carrying a tote bag is very handy. Tote bags are also in season, so they look great with fall looks such as trench coats, sweaters, boots and scarfs. 

For college students, tote bags are a great way to be fashionable while walking around campus. We can carry our laptop and classroom essentials without lugging around a big, bulky backpack. 


Tote bags also have many other uses. Not only are they fashionable, but they also serve other purposes like a reusable grocery bag. Many people will grab one of their favorite totes and head to their local grocery store or farmer’s market

Take an inventory of your  closet and add tote bags to your fall shopping list. This is a trend that you definitely want to hop on.

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