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a beginner’s guide to crystal healing

photo by alyssa coyle

For centuries people have turned to the earth for natural resources and means of healing. Today, many are reverting back to their ancestors’ choice ways of natural healing: crystals. 

Crystals have been utilized as a source of spirituality and relief for thousands of years. Crystal healing originated in many different geographical locations including Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and India. Then, crystals were used for both their beauty in jewelry and fashion as well as for their metaphysical properties. Crystals are also linked to many different religions, as they are referenced in the Bible, Quran and many other religious texts.

You may be wondering how crystal healing works and where to begin seeing as it is such a vast topic with so many variations and methods to choose from. It is important to identify what it is you are striving to achieve, because there truly is a crystal for everything. 

Here are a few specific crystals and their uses:

  • Love – Rose quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Moonstone
  • Protection – Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli and Black Tourmaline 
  • Anxiety – Amethyst, Selenite and Labradorite

Whether your goal is healing heartbreak, overcoming insomnia or achieving manifestations, the options are endless. Once you have identified your intention, you must determine your practice. You can meditate, sleep, journal and much more while using your crystals.

There are numerous success stories that cite crystal healing as a beneficial factor, with one of them being from Kent State University sophomore fashion design student Jaevohn Bradley. 

“I use crystals for all sorts of things,” Bradley said. “Things like keeping me grounded, cleansing, to help with anxiety and meditation to name a few.” 

Elaborating about their process of crystal use, Bradley said, “Just having them around me can help with whatever I need it to. Whether it’s helping to relieve stress or to help me focus on things like that.” 

I also have had personal success with crystal healing in many aspects of my life. Some crystals that resonate with me and that I use often are amethyst for sleeping, citrine for manifestation and journaling, and cinnabar, rose quartz and clear quartz for meditation. I sleep with amethyst under my pillow, and use citrine and clear quartz when journaling. These are also beneficial in helping me visualize my goals and manifestation. Cinnabar and rose quartz are helpful with self love so I often use them in meditation practice.

If you’re interested in joining the crystal healing community, there are many places you can purchase crystals in the area. There are some shops local to Kent and Akron that are great for helping you begin your crystal healing journey.

Silver & Scents in Acorn Alley has a great variety of crystals and books about them that will help get you started (and if you’re lucky, the owner just might tell you your fortune). The Dragon’s Mantle in Akron has a wide selection of inventory and a helpful staff that can help you find the right crystals for achieving your healing goals. 

Although getting started with crystal healing can be intimidating, in the end it is so worth it! So do research, support a local business and explore the ancient method of crystal healing.

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