feeling euphoric: how HBO’s hit show “euphoria” influenced today’s trends


photo by maggie harris

Pop culture continues to change at a faster rate. From clothes to accessories to beauty, trends evolve quickly. Despite this, there are prominent beauty trends that dominate every decade. Recently, the beauty industry has experienced great influence from popular television media. These unique TV-inspired makeup trends will define this decade.


The HBO hit show “Euphoria” debuted in 2019. Each character has a very unique aesthetic which makes it easy for everyone to find someone to connect to within the show. Whether you love the sparkly girl next door style worn by Jules or the more dark grunge looks put together by Kat, there is an aesthetic for everyone. 

Though there are many trends that have resurfaced since the debut of “Euphoria”, there is one in particular that can be spotted in almost every scene: bold, unconventional eye makeup. From graphic liner looks to just a simple glitter pigment to rhinestone studded looks, there are many eye makeup aesthetics that help establish the personalities of the “Euphoria” characters that everyone knows and loves. 


On social media platforms, you can find a multitude of “Euphoria”-inspired makeup tutorials. The show is unique because it pushes the boundaries of traditional beauty trends. These avant-garde makeup styles are broken down step-by-step in tutorials from creators including Alexandra Anele, Taeler Doyle and even “Euphoria” star Hunter Schafer. Regardless of your comfort zone or style, it is very likely there will be at least one character whose makeup style will inspire you. 


HBO’s hit teen drama has impacted brands within the beauty industry. A small makeup brand that was used on set called Lemonhead.LA has blown up since the show gained so much traction. This company created the iridescent glitter that Jules can be seen wearing in multiple scenes in the show. The exposure that Lemonhead.LA received from “Euphoria” shaped future successes for the brand.


Additionally, there were many clothing trends inspired by the show. The cut-out faux leather pants worn by Maddy in the carnival scene have become a staple in the wardrobe of many. Kat’s corsets and bustier tops have inspired the further popularization of lingerie as outerwear. Rue’s button-downs and gender non-conforming looks are a fan favorite as well. 


There are many looks throughout the show that fans can take inspiration from, whether it be in clothing, makeup or jewelry there are so many different styles to incorporate into your own everyday looks. 

Considering that the first season of “Euphoria” was such a hit, it is not surprising that the cast has been called back for another season. We can look forward to a plethora of new looks from all of our favorite characters in season two of “Euphoria” which will air on HBO and HBO Max on January 9th. 

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