Layer Your Look


Layering necklaces is a fun and subtle way to make a statement. Have a boring sweater or a plain dress? No problem! Take a few of your most delicate pieces to take your look to the next level.

Delicate necklace layering is a versatile trend for any season and any style, whether it be grunge or girly. The key to achieving this style is going for shorter, lightweight pieces and finishing with longer, heavier pieces. Mix metals, colors and shapes, and have fun with it!

Check out Who What Wear’s informative article for the type of layering for your desired look. Below are several links for you to check out, so you can create your own personalized, layered look.

Charming Charlie’s has a great selection, ranging from delicate to heavy pieces to mix and match while Forever 21 has actual sets already put together for you to purchase. This can be a bit easier for a beginner and used as a layering guide for future reference.

Although the pre-made sets can be great in value, it may be fun to create a set of necklaces that no one else has; another site that has great options is Bauble Bar. The website has an array of quality products and provides guided steps to create your own look.

Here at A, some of our favorite pieces to add to our outfits are gemstone pendants. Stella & Dot offers cool products at a great price!