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Wear What Your Mama Gave Ya


As styles and trends continue to rotate full circle, the saying of, “I had something just like that when I was your age,” seems pretty spot on.

The idea and intrinsic art of fashion is indeed an evolving concept, yet more often than not, items once popular 10 or 20 years ago are almost guaranteed to reappear and thrive once again among younger crowds.

This may be more prominent now because of the movement among thrifting and the newfound appreciation for vintage treasure hunting. Finding these stylish pieces from the past is made easiest through thrifting your local Goodwill or simply sorting through mother dearest’s closet.

It makes it easy, more affordable and much more genuine to find these pieces in an authentic way. The hunt is half the treasure than the actual find.

If you are looking for some local shops, stop by Fabulous Finds, Einstein’s Attic or The Salvation Army.

A plentiful amount of styles are rising up to become popular once again, if not more so than before. Old clothes are becoming so popular that adults of the 70s and 80s are recognizing them as their old favorites and calling their children out on it.

The most distinguishable featured pieces of this time scream of classical, grungy-hippy inspirations and consist of turtlenecks, high waisted mom jeans, denim jackets —  full of pins and patches — rich flannels, heavy knits, graphically interesting sweaters and lace-up, combat-esque weatherproof boots. The colors carry many neutral tones, yet surprise occasionally with pops of fun and bright shades.

As many know, parents’ closets give off a diverse and high quality essence when it comes to material and fabrics. It seems as though all the garments were created and manufactured with a higher level of quality in mind.

Truly vintage pieces and original companies are going to embody this quality much more significantly than pieces being made presently and as replications of the real deal, but materials such as suede, corduroy, velvet, heavy knits and denim are still being utilized heavily.

The combination of these varying pieces and materials make it ideal for maneuvering simple and visually interesting layering and the creation of versatile looks. Like father, son, mother and daughter, style comes from those surrounding you or those who raised you.

How these retro pieces are styled is completely up to your own personal interpretation, but taking advice from the original wearers can only do good. Look to the old for aid and combo of some new elements you may not be used to. Use pieces from the modern age and build a fusion of the new and the old.

Closets aged through your parents or even grandparents are worth sifting through. You may leave feeling pleasantly surprised and with a couple new (or old) gems in hand.
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Photos By Nico Ciani

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