Style Alert: 5 Ways to Style Your Scarves


For most of us, scarves are a staple piece in our wardrobes. There is a variety of colors, patterns and types. A scarf is an easy way to dress up a casual outfit and make it dressy. Here at A Magazine, we’ve come up with five creative ways to style scarves for your next look.

1.)  The classic loop

This style is easy and looks classy. All you have to do is tie the scarf around your neck, pull one end slightly down and slightly longer. After that, wrap the end around your neck and let the two ends hang.

2.)  The  Rolled loop

Take a scarf and wrap it around once; the ends of the scarf need to be up and over the neck loop.

3.)  The scarf wrap

This is one of the easiest ways to style your favorite scarf — Just wrap the scarf around your shoulders.

4.) The blanket scarf

Although this isn’t exactly a way to style a scarf, this has become a popular scarf within the past year. They are comfy, big and will keep you warm. They also come in a variety of colors and styles.

5.)  The infinity scarf

This is another popular type of scarf most of us probably have in our wardrobe. These scarves are great for winter because of how big they are and can wrap around to protect us from the cold.

The next time you’re thinking about wearing a scarf, try some of these unique styles out. Don’t be a plain Jane, mix it up and have fun with it!

Photos by Jaqueline Wammes


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