‘bridgerton’ season two had no business being that hot


illustration: katelyn niester

“You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.” Swoon.


On March 25, we were all blessed with the official release of “Bridgerton” season two on Netflix. Season one of “Bridgerton” came out in December 2020, right in the middle of the peak of the pandemic. What we all thought was going to be another feel-good historical romance actually turned out to be a sexy and passionate show that created a world we all wanted to be a part of. The costumes were intricate, the parties were lavish and the relationships were envy worthy. 


The romantic relationship between Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset was straight out of a fairytale. When Simon told the queen, “to meet a beautiful person is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart,” when expressing his feeling for Daphne, we all knew there was no turning back. “Bridgerton” officially had our hearts and we were hungry for more. Perhaps the biggest thing that no one saw coming was the amount of sex season one had. So. Much. Sex. Nearly all the episodes in the last half of the season consisted of smut and sex scenes. It was completely unexpected, but a very welcomed surprise.


With such a sexy entrance to the “Bridgerton” series, it really set the tone for what us watchers were expecting for the rest of the seasons to come. We wanted more costumes, more parties, more romance and more sex. A lot more sex. So you can imagine our surprise when season two completely flipped the script and had little to no sex scenes in any of the episodes. The costumes were still stunning, the parties were still lavish and love was still undeniably in the air. But we were so hungry for the sex and the passion in season two, especially since we were given so much of it in season one. 


Fans have already expressed their utmost disappointment about the lack of sex and intimacy in season two. Just 24 hours after the new season dropped, Twitter users went crazy about how dissatisfied they were with season two and how much ‘better’ season one was. However, was season two bad or did it just redefine what sexy means? Even in a fantasy world we tend to associate passion with sex and intimacy. What season two did was break down that definition and show that passion can equate to anticipation. 


What season two did so well that season one completely missed was keeping us on edge. We knew that Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton were meant to be and would end up together, but there was absolutely no sign of when that would happen. Every episode kept us holding our breath with need. There were so many breathtaking moments during season two that were passion personified. The intimate moment where Kate put Anthony’s hand on her chest and synchronized her breathing with his to calm him down after she got stung by a bee can only be described as hot. When Anthony fell into the water and came out with his wet shirt clung to his abs while Kate’s eyes roamed his body had us all choking on air. 


The point of season two was never to throw in sex just for the sake of it. This enemies to lovers trope was all about sexual tension and anticipation. If anything, that made this season even steamier than season one because the complicated relationship between Kate and Anthony made it feel more real. Season one was about intimacy. Season two was about desire. 


These two very different approaches to “Bridgerton” have left all of us fans in eager anticipation of what to expect next. Will there be more sex in season three or will we see another slow burning relationship? Or will season three throw us off course once again with a direction none of us saw coming? We know that the next season will be the love story for Benedict Bridgerton, but everything else is up in the air. I guess we’ll find out in 2023 what Shonda Rhimes officially decides to do for season three. Until then, we will be dreaming of “Bridgerton” night and day. It is, after all, the bane of our existence and the object of all our desires.


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