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TikTok attracted many of its users around 2019, growing the platform from 291.4 million users to 655.9 million, and the platform has only continued to grow. TikTok is available in over 150 countries and has over 1 billion users. It’s now ranked in the top three social networks that people use. This platform has many purposes and allows users to take a look into the lives of companies, people, fashion and much more. 


Influencers were given a space where they could reach audiences and inspire people by doing what they love. TikTok offered us fashion influence and inspiration at a different level by curating content that feels personal. These TikTok fashionistas often give honest feedback about the clothing we all love while teaching us how to spice up our wardrobe.

@badbrownskinnn Update: I absolutely love the other couple! We had so much fun and we made it out with 14 minutes left! I had anxiety for nothing 😅 #curvyfashion #plussizefashion #fashiontiktok #fashiontok #grwm #gdwm ♬ Don’t Play That – King Von & 21 Savage

For the curvy girlies, Christiana Moore, a beauty and lifestyle influencer, gives her honest opinion of certain clothing in her wardrobe hauls. From White Fox to Shein to Fashion Nova, she shares the honesty that many of us desire about major brands and their clothing. She is the representation needed for curvier women to see how the clothing that they may be apprehensive about looks on a body similar to theirs. 


She has different categories listed on her TikTok page such as “Try On Hauls,” “Makeup,” “Get Ready With Me” and more. If viewers are looking for something specific, they have easy access to a plethora of inspiration. The link in her bio leads to Moore’s YouTube channel, Instagram, Amazon storefront and most importantly her “It Girl Influencer Class.” This $50 class claims to teach aspiring influencers how to create engaging content, negotiate brand deals and understand algorithms and analytics. 

@monetmcmichaelwhen you bring 3 dresses and hate them all 😂 feeling hella unprepared but let’s get ready – jersey girl takes on LA 😅♬ original sound – monet mcmichael 🤍

Ahnesti Monet McMichael brings everything we want to see as followers and fans. Her bubbly, fun energy is irresistible. Not only does McMichael create unboxing videos and daily vlogs, but she also gives tips and advice about her experience in nursing school. She shares homework questions and even spills the tea about nursing school. During New York Fashion Week, she allowed her followers to see the craziness and excitement that comes with being a part of the experience. She also shares skincare routines for day and night, and first-time product tries. The link in her bio is the gateway to her Amazon storefront which gives her followers the opportunity to shop like McMichael.    

@talithaajane Boot season is upon us… and the looks are about to go CRAZY #GRWM #falloutfit #falloutfitinspo2022 ♬ original sound – Talitha Jane


Talitha Jane is a fashion content creator that shows us various ways to style clothing. One interesting thing that Jane lets her following in on is her content days. She takes us along with her to take photos of the looks that she puts together, giving us the behind the scenes view of what it takes to create the photos we love and get inspiration from. Jane tests the limits of fashion by creating looks that one may have never thought to put together. The link provided in her bio leads us to her YouTube channel where she posts longer form vlogs for her followers to enjoy. Through her content, we are able to see what it’s like to be Talitha Jane. She’s real and often brings humor to her videos. Her signature “Get Ready With Me” videos keep followers on their toes wondering what Jane is going to style next. 

Yanick, a personal stylist, gives us looks that fit both the heel wearer and the sneaker lover. With the LTK link in her bio we can shop looks that she has put together. Jerseys, New Balances, Jordans, heels and Telfars – you name it, she can style it. She doesn’t often show her face, but when her followers request to see an outfit on, she delivers. She also has a category where she styles kids clothing. If you’re ever in need of outfit inspiration, this is one of the best places to be. 

Nakiah, a content creator who gives us two different sides of her, creates content while working in corporate America as a mother. She gives us realistic content as we are allowed into her world. She posts both everyday looks and work looks, and occasionally posts “story times” which give her following a more personal connection with her. Nakiah is the prime example of a woman who balances many responsibilities but still manages to create consistent content. Her Amazon storefront allows followers to shop similar fashion items, as well as lifestyle necessities such as organization and home essentials. 


Each influencer is unique in their own way from how they connect with their following to how they post their content. TikTok allows us to look to our favorite influencers not only for fashion, but also for giving us confidence that we can create looks and pull off different accessories. TikTok has created a way for us to see influencers in a different and more relatable light. 


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