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Harry Styles has been serving iconic looks since the dawn of his fabulous One Direction days (Remember those curly locks and skinny scarves?). Although, it was not until the talented Harry Lambert came along that Harry Styles became one of the biggest fashion icons in the industry. Lambert is a fashion and editorial stylist that has experimented a lot with gender norms within his fashion choices. The fashion creative is best known for the styling of musician and actor Harry Styles. Lambert has also styled Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor, both notable actors from “The Crown.” The stylist has done well on wowing us with all the countless glamourous looks pulled for Styles, especially from his recent outfits throughout Love On Tour. 


How It All Began

Lambert met Styles in 2014 during his One Direction days when Styles predominantly wore Yves Saint Laurent and largely imitated Mick Jagger’s style. Lambert told The Guardian he wanted to make Styles’ clothing more playful and fun. In comes the transformation of his fashion, going towards the famous Gucci suits that Styles wore all throughout his first solo world tour. Gucci now has a whole line dedicated to many suits that Styles has worn that people can actually purchase. 


The Met Gala

We’ll never forget the jaw-dropping look that nobody saw coming. In an article from W Magazine, they say that there seems to be a lot of “camp” styles incorporated in Lambert’s wardrobe for Styles. The 2019 Met Gala’s theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” which called for more of an exaggerated, almost ironic, over-the-top look, trying to be “intentionally tacky.” This became a first look at Styles’ newer fashion routes, and some fans had mixed feelings about his new stylings. When Harry Styles freed all four nips and wore a dangly pearl earring, suddenly pearls were everywhere. Pearls then became more mainstream for all genders, and slowly but surely, they became a Harry Styles statement piece, especially during his “Fine Line” era. 


Love On Tour 2021-2022

Harry Lambert’s recent stylings for Styles on his Love On Tour for the past two years have been unlike anything Styles has ever worn before: funky polka-dots, stripes changing colors, faux fur jackets and so much more. Recently, people who have been keeping up with Harry Styles’ LOT looks from Lambert have been debating as to whether they like them or not. Many people were in love with Styles’ LOT 2021 outfits, such as his NYC Night 1 all-black pleated pants and matching suit jacket with feather sleeves. 


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Another fan favorite has been his Harryween outfits. Harryween is a Harry Styles concert where fans can don their best Halloween costumes. Lambert and Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, dressed up Styles’ whole band in The Wizard of Oz attire, with Styles dressed head-to-toe as Dorothy in the most perfect gingham blue dress, red tights and boots designed to look like ruby slippers. Don’t forget Elin Sandberg as Glinda, Sarah Jones as the Wicked Witch of the West, Ny Oh as the Scarecrow, Niji Adeleye as the Tin Man and Pauli Lovejoy as the Wizard. Finally, the best for last, Mitch Rowland as the Lion.


More recently, in Styles’ concerts in NYC, LA, Toronto, Austin and Chicago, some of Lambert’s stylings have been more controversial. Lambert has dressed Styles in an array of funky stripes, bright colors, tank tops, white tanks, glitter and Adidas Busenitz shoes in various colors. In an article from PageSixStyle, you can follow Styles’ looks at his residency at Madison Square Garden. Some fans have even poked fun at some of the outfits starting from the Today Show onesie Styles wore to perform his new album Harry’s House. 

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Though some of Lambert’s stylings have received mixed responses, Styles continues to embrace bold looks that keep fans eagerly awaiting the reveal of his next outfit. Lambert tells The Guardian that he acknowledges that his work has made an impact on the fashion industry, and he hopes the continuous debates and controversy are lasting in remembrance of the silly things he has dressed Harry Styles in to make a cultural impact. Next time you see a string of pearls or a bold print, Styles is bound to cross your mind.

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