the devil wears versace


art: amy dudek

With the launch of a new personal collection, Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace wanted a female force to be her newest global ambassador. Who is more audacious and iconic than Anne Hathaway to represent a fashion house with the same blueprint? On April 2, Hathaway added yet another impressive project to her resume when Donatella hand picked her to be the face of Versace’s Icons campaign and it’s arguably some of her best looks yet. 

The newest campaign for Versace’s Icons collection was photographed by duo Mert and Marcus. With this collection, Versace focuses on the hourglass, hyper-feminine silhouette created by the boned corset. The collection also features a jersey dress with the brand’s signature Medusa medallion, a leather blazer and a Greca Goddess bag – all inspired by the Atelier Versace collection of Spring 1995. She wanted to concentrate on pieces that would become an essential part of one’s wardrobe, enjoyed outside of the trend cycle and worn repeatedly throughout one’s life. 


Hathaway is not alone in the campaign. With her is singer and model Chris Lee, who wears a flared trouser suit that exhibits force and sophistication. Together, they form the epitome of a Versace icon. 

In an interview with Vogue, Donatella mentioned her long admiration of Hathaway due to her sentiment to her career and artistry. Hathaway was “the most amazing woman on Versace,” Donatella told Vogue. She commended her not only for her talent as an actress, but for her business acumen, creative force and being an extraordinarily kind individual. The icon of Versace comprises these qualities, making Hathaway an undeniable suit. 

The new Versace Icons campaign, according to Hathaway, is “timeless elegance with an edge.” It wasn’t just the clothes that made the experience impactful for her; it was also Donatella’s “heart, generosity, and kindness.”

“She and everyone in the Versace family have been so warm and welcoming to me,” Hathaway told Vogue. “What a thrill to be a Versace woman!” 

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