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From growing up playing with Barbie dolls to getting that Barbie Dreamhouse you’ve always wanted, many of us have left those childhood memories behind, but there’s now a chance to experience that imaginary, iconic Barbie life so many of us dreamed of living when we were young. 


Acclaimed director Greta Gerwig who has directed films such as “Lady Bird” and “Little Women” is taking her work in a new, campy direction by creating a film that will immerse the audience into the Barbie World and give them a chance to not only heal their inner child, but also provide an iconic film many can hyperfixate on this summer.


Set to release in July 2023, “Barbie” has a star-studded cast with Margot Robbie as Barbie, Ryan Gosling as Ken, Simu Liu as another Ken and Issa Rae as President Barbie, to name a few. The movie has already had the internet talking for months, since some of the teasers and behind the scenes photos on Venice Beach were released back in June of last year. 

With talks of what the movie is going to bring, the internet got to talking about the casting of Ryan Gosling as Ken. Some people are claiming the actor is “too old” to play the role. Many tweets and TikTok comments slammed Gosling, even one comment by a TikTok user calling him “Grandpa Ken”. Others however are defending Gosling’s casting as Ken, with many saying they couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Ken.

Just as its comical internet drama, the “Barbie” teaser trailer that released this month has also brought nothing short of more online hype. The short two minute video is filled with many different but short-lived scenes to keep viewers wondering what the plot might be. Many viewers are decoding the subliminal messages that may lie beyond the surface of what is shown in the teaser.


One theory is the idea that the movie has a similar reference to the Wizard of Oz. In a TikTok shared by Cat Quinn, she shares the idea and points out underlying similarities from the outfit choices to the idea of Barbie escaping a utopian world to go to the “real world.” Quinn says, “I think we are looking at an epic journey to another world filled with people that she helps along the way.” 


This movie has given the world a lot to talk about, and its new character photos bring nostalgia and have sparked a trend to create your own photos, declaring what Barbie character you would be. 

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The internet has truly given this movie a lot to live up to, but there’s no doubt that it will have everyone living out their Barbie dreams. 

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