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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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Thierry Mugler MBAM(14) by Regan Vercruysse is licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. see below for links

the iconic life of thierry mugler

Isabelle McBride January 30, 2022

The fashion industry was hit hard this new year with the passing of French fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler. On Sunday, Jan. 23, it was announced that the industry lost the icon at just 73 years...

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Art by Sophia Lucentee

the phenomenon of the “poor aesthetic”

Isabelle McBride December 7, 2021

For decades now, we have seen distressed clothing take over the fashion industry.  It can be traced back all the way to the rock and heavy metal era of the 1980s. It dissipated for a few years...

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Illustration by Amy Dudek

is the manicure worth it?

Isabelle McBride December 2, 2021

One thing almost anyone can enjoy is a trip to the nail salon to get a relaxing mani and pedi. There is an endless variety of shapes, colors and designs, making it easy for people of all ages to enjoy....

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illustration by liesl klus

halloween: the history behind the traditions

Isabelle McBride October 29, 2021

Every horror enthusiast and candy lover’s favorite time of year is coming up. Halloween is a holiday that anyone, no matter what religion, race or background can celebrate. People dress up as their...

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photo by maggie harris

trendy vs timeless: how to know if it’s worth the money

Isabelle McBride October 22, 2021

With trends going in and out of style faster than ever, keeping your looks in style seems daunting. Social media is pushing trends so quickly that it’s difficult to know what will stick around. This...

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