Styles from Across the Sea

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AM: What brands are popular in Germany?

YC: H&M is number one. One or two years ago, Primark started opening up shops in Germany.

AM: What are the current trends in Germany?

YC: It’s looking like old people, but I feel like that’s happening all over the world. Hipsters like to dress like their grandparents and go to thrift stores. It’s important to look dirty and not cleaned up. People specifically place it that way. It’s a planned untidiness.

AM: Where do you like to shop?

YC: Urban Outfitters and thrift stores.

AM: How would you describe your style?

YC: Hipster and 80s. Like a middle age woman from the 1980s.

AM: How is men’s fashion in Germany different from American men’s fashion?

YC: It’s more sleek and more slim. That’s a really European thing to wear. Urban brands such as Stussy are absent in Germany.

AM: Are there any similarities?

YC: I feel like thrift stores are going on in America too. Anachronistic glasses. Mustaches, beards, lumberjacks.

Photos by Yishan Li

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