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The “It” Factor of ‘Emergency Intercom’

Art by: Stella Skinner

The “IT” factor is loosely defined as an elusive magnetism, uniqueness and charm that manifests in mysterious ways throughout our society. 


Usually, this term describes a person, however, in this scenario, ‘Emergency Intercom’ hosts Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips sprung to mind. The duo has grown an audience built through their comedic chemistry and realness amounting to over 130 episodes, currently releasing new episodes every Friday.


Existing in a digital space is overwhelming, but the podcast has a charming way of comforting and most importantly making you laugh despite the increasingly chaotic world we live in.


The name for their podcast was coined by Enya, which she stated in an interview with PAPEREnya Umanzor and Drew Phillips Talk ‘Emergency Intercom’. She explained that she was spending a lot of time in New York, noticing the emergency intercoms on the subway and how she continuously wanted to go up and touch it and talk into them. This led to her idea, she said, “That’s literally what the podcast is. That’s literally just our inherent need to be like, ‘Should we be loud right now?’”


The honorary third person on their podcast is their sound guy Ky Newman, who adds another comedic layer to their podcast. The way the three of them build off of each other is magnetic, natural and hilarious. With each week, I continue to tune into their episodes because of the way they command my attention—as they maintain a flowing comedic state—while asking the questions that we all have.


In a strange dichotomy, Drew and Enya overshare in their podcast, yet there is only one written interview available of the duo. Some would say they overshare, while others would agree that there is an ambiguous feeling the audience is left with after countless episodes. Maybe this mysterious yet blatant oversharing is the secret to their “IT” factor.


However, they also notice their lack of recognition by the industry. This can most likely be attributed to the sex jokes and informal, all-over-the-place manner in which they conduct their podcasts. This would lead to a lack of people looking to interview the best friend duo. Not enough recognition equates to a no-go for brands when it comes to money.


An interesting point Drew acknowledged in PAPER, Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips Talk ‘Emergency Intercom’, pertains to their lack of recognition by the industry due to their oversharing on the internet, saying, “‘But I think there is a disconnect. I don’t think people see—this is where I get unhumble in the interview [laughs]—but I don’t think people see our actual influence. I don’t think they can create the connection in their head like, ‘Oh, this came from them,’ and this and this and this. It just gets watered down after a while and I don’t think the connections are very visible.’”


‘Emergency Intercom’ includes an abundance of sex jokes, sarcasm, coded inside jokes and enigmatic stories that leaves the audience compelled—that is, if it resonates with you as it does me. The relatability and sheer realness are the aspects that completely entertain and excites me while indulging in their world. I feel the energy and love they share for each other despite their countless jokes intertwined with disparaging remarks. 


Enya and Drew chatted with PAPER, confessing their belief that they are platonic soul mates. After ten-plus years of friendship, they acknowledged that they always find things to talk about, emphasizing the rarity of their connection.


If you have not checked out ‘Emergency Intercom,’ I highly recommend you listen on Spotify or watch on YouTube for free.


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