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“Is the Uber Here Yet?”: The Best and Worst College Uber Experiences


One essential for survival in college these days goes against a major rule our parents repeated to us endlessly as children: “Don’t get into a car with a stranger.” Seems pretty obvious, right? Why would one ever hop into a car with someone they had never met, unless they wanted their life to end? But now, as times have changed, when one thinks of getting into a car with a stranger they think of Uber.

While many students are avid Uber riders, they get to know various local drivers pretty well. They also become familiar with some of the crazy, common, and sometimes disgusting incidents that take place during Uber rides.

Here are some of the most popular and just downright horrid drivers and Uber occurrences to date:


The Dad Uber: It’s slightly embarrassing when your Uber driver pulls into the frat house’s driveway as you’re leaving the party you’ve been attending. It’s even worse if they get out to open the car door for you in front of everyone. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

Rating: 4 stars for hospitality.


The Strict Uber: It’s a universal Uber fact, and driver rule, that if a group of five walks up to a car that fits four, you don’t just leave one behind to fend for themselves, you leave all five at the curb.

Rating: 1 star for at least arriving at the correct destination


The Awkward Couple Uber: If you ever have the pleasure of riding in a car with an Uber driver and their significant other, sincerest apologies for having to feel like a third wheel. The extra person in the car automatically takes up an open seat, and too much PDA tends to make anyone slightly uncomfortable, let alone PDA in a car full of strangers.

Rating: 3 stars for uncomfortability

The Throw Up Uber: To make this understandable enough, any and all Uber drivers will follow this rule; if one pukes in an Uber car, they will be charged immense amounts of money. Amounts of money that result in a $200 dollar credit card charge. If you want to avoid this, don’t ever throw up in an Uber.

Rating: 5 sympathetic stars


The Stolen Uber: Have you ever ordered an Uber that never showed up? Well, it’s probably because a group of people thought it was a good idea to hop into a random car and pretend to be you. Yes, it happens.

Rating: 0 stars for picking up the wrong person


The Party Car Uber: If you haven’t experienced sitting in the backseat of this van, you’ve probably seen it driving around Kent, Ohio a time or two. You can spot it from a mile away, fully stocked with purple lights along the ceiling and a strobe light attached to the floor. Yes, a strobe light. This popular driver is also generous enough to include a free showing of the classic TV show, “Friends” in the backseat.

Rating: 5 stars for amenities


The “You Again” Uber: That awkward moment when your driver has no idea who you are, but you miraculously remember their middle name and where they live from the last time they picked you up.

Rating: 5 stars for picking up more than once


The Mooch Rider: There’s always that one friend who creatively slides their way out of paying their share for the ride. Some signs to watch out for include: if one hides in the bathroom patiently waiting for someone else to order the Uber, or if they claim to have never set up an account because they “don’t know how.” A word of advice if you are this friend, don’t be.

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