Concert in Review: Rebelution


If you’re a fan of rock-reggae music, good vibes and a great vocally live performance, then Rebelution should be the next addition to your playlist. This past Sunday, Cleveland House of Blues had the pleasure of hosting the renowned band at its venue. When A Magazine arrived, the line was two blocks down the road, and the show was completely sold out.  We’d say that’s a pretty big deal coming from a group that formed in California when all the members were still in college.

The show opened with  HIRIE, another reggae band, joined by the frontwoman and vocalist Hirie herself. According to their website, HIRIE is ready to offer a global spirit uplift in its music while encompassing warmth, positivity, approval and affection through its tracks.

The live performance was incredible. Her vocals were breathtaking and lively, forcing the crowd to rock to the music. While Hirie was singing and dancing, the band was right behind her feeding off the soulful aura she radiated. The lead guitarist even had his own solo mid-way through, where he literally played the guitar behind his head, having memorized every stroke.

HIRIE was the perfect opening act, because the crowd went wild. For every song they sang, their fans knew every word and jumped to every beat. Once it was Rebelution’s turn to come out, the House of Blues was roaring.

Their first opening song was “Meant to Be,” from their best critically acclaimed album “Peace of Mind.” Rebelution’s theme in their music is accepting life as it is and making the best of every situation that life should offer. Eric Rachmany, the lead vocalist, said a few choice words during his performance, which we assume was referring to the election: “In the end, we are all one. We are all human and we all live under the same sun, moon and stars.” The crowd couldn’t have agreed more, considering you could barely hear him over the cheers.

Another song the band played was “Sky is the Limit,” with lyrics that say, “There’s nothing like a clear peace of mind, to overcome the hardships in life, to sort out the wrong from the right, someone’s in line, but they can’t get me down.” Hearing these uplifting, positive and influential words can change someone’s perspective and attitudes through their everyday life.

Another observation we made about the concert was the crowd. All different races, ages, ethnicities and sorts of individuals were in attendance. Everyone was so happy and ecstatic to be there, and you could feel the intense emotions being spewed out by the band. Rebelution strays away from your typical mainstream music, yet there is  admiration among all different audiences.

Love, acceptance and togetherness was the overall tone of the show. We are sure that if you ever plan on listening or seeing them live in concert, you won’t be disappointed.

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