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Kent State: Sweet Tooth for Sugar Daddies

By Gracie Harms


College can be extremely stressful for a student, from the rigid class work and prolonged study hours to balancing a social and professional life, one can agree that the four-year process of receiving a degree is challenging. Arguably, the most stressful demand of college can be the financial needs involved.

As stated by Student Loan Hero, the average student loan debt last year was $37,000, up six percent from the previous year. With tuition on the rise, students strain their time by picking up jobs while being part or full-time students. Even then, students are left to seek out other outlets for money.

Many now turn to assistance from sugar daddies to assist with their financial burdens. Seeking Arrangements is a website that allows sugar babies and sugar daddies to interact and make an “arrangement.” Per its website, the United States has the largest combined number of Sugar Daddy (and Mommy) relationships with over 3 million people this past July. Of the people using the website, the least amount are sugar mommies, followed by male sugar babies, sugar daddies, and female sugar babies.

Kent State University was recently ranked eighth on its website for those using its services with the email extension “” (keeping in mind those who have graduated, or no longer attend Kent State can still use their GMail account). Moreover, a whopping 88 percent of the sugar babies are said to be female. After researching the recent fixation with sugar daddy relationships, A Magazine wanted to delve deeper into the phenomenon to see what so many young women are seeking out of it. We sat down and interviewed a Kent State student using Seeking Arrangements to get her take on the experience.

Student: Lola* (name changed to protect identity of student) / Senior / 21 / majoring in Fashion Merchandising

AMag: Since over 69 percent of Seeking Arrangements members are female sugar babies, it seems that having a sugar daddy has become an extremely popular accessory to have.

L: Yeah, it has been, but I feel like the sugar babies are more of the accessory. We are the ones they want to show around.

AMag: So, if they are the ones that want to show you around, do you feel comfortable being shown off by them, or are you more private about it?

L: It depends. If it is an area where I know a lot of people, I want to keep that part of my life private. But if it is not, I really don’t care. In fact, I’m flattered.

AMag: What made you want to make a profile on Seeking Arrangements? Was it because of student debt, money in general or materialistic things?

L: I always thought the whole sugar daddy thing was interesting. I always did like older guys, too, so the fact that I could go on a website and have an older man give me things and money is awesome. And honestly, it was more for materialistic things and spending money, but I have over $40,000 in student debt right now, too. So, that is always in the back of my mind, and it doesn’t hurt that someone wants to help me. I feel like it’s similar to tinder; if I see someone I think is cute or attractive, we match. It’s really that simple, with a perk of course.

AMag: What kind of items do you receive from your sugar daddy, and what do you have to do to receive those items?

L: I mainly get money, but I’ve gotten shoes and a GoPro. He has bought food for me and paid for some of my parking and speeding tickets. And honestly, I get it by doing what they want me to do: if they want me to be arm candy, some type of company, sleep with them, or just kind of be there for them. I’m fulfilling their needs so they can fulfill my wallet and my closet.

AMag: You say you sleep with him to receive things from him. That can be a very controversial topic with a fine line between pleasure and prostitution. What are your thoughts on that?

L: I’m using my looks to get something I want; how many professions out there do that? Some waitressing and bartending jobs, modeling, acting, etc. I don’t sleep with them unless I want to. Knowing that I am giving something they want in return for something I want is the whole point of the agreement. Like I said, I am attracted to older men, especially ones that want to spoil me. I’d rather be with an older man that knows what he wants versus a young college dude who is probably sleeping around with a bunch of other girls. I am just not attracted to younger guys.

AMag: Are you afraid of being judged then for living your life like that?

L: Sometimes, but then again, I don’t care what people think. It is my life and I do what makes me happy, and I personally don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t feel that going on a dating app where men want to spoil women is any different than a regular relationship or even close to prostitution. I feel like it’s more like an agreement up front since it’s the common denominator of what both of us want. So, say you’re single out at a bar and a man comes up to you and offers to buy you a drink or take you out; isn’t that the same thing in the online dating world? Personally, for me to be with someone, there must be a sexual attraction there.

AMag: What is your interaction then like with your sugar daddy? Explain your typical date with him.

L: I meet up with him, either at his house or go get a drink, talk, dine and then usually ends with me sleeping over his house. We talk about everything: school, work, politics, friends, family, literally anything and everything. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a “boyfriend/girlfriend” thing, but it is a type of relationship. I mean, I am not going to bring him home to my family. I love that I get my freedom with it, too. If I go out to the bars one night with my girls and I meet a guy, I can still talk to him, too.

AMag: So, how long do you see yourself using Seeking Arrangements?

L: Not forever obviously, but until I finish school. Also, I probably won’t be using the site once I am older (laughs). I know these guys go after younger girls, so I mine as well take advantage of my prime now and get out of it everything I need. But I would like to keep using it until I get most, if not all, of my school paid off. The thought of receiving my first bill for my education when I graduate just feels like a huge weight on my shoulder. College debt is definitely the downfall of our generation. I am taking 18 credits right now on top of working part-time and I barely have the money to pay for my basic expenses now, and who knows what will happen when I graduate. I hear about people receiving their degree and still not being able to find a good job. That feeling always weighs over my head, so going on Seeking Arrangements is kind of like a second job.

AMag: Do you have any advice to give to other girls that are wanting to acquire a sugar daddy?

L: Be smart about it. Always talk on the phone, FaceTime, Skype or Snapchat before you meet up. Some men on there can be creepy, but then again, that is like any other dating site. Also, I would make sure that both of you are honest and upfront about what you want out of the arrangement. Every sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is different. And of course, do it because you want to. Don’t feel like this is your only option to receive money; I am just speaking on my own personal experience. I have a great relationship with my sugar daddy and we have a great time together, and I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s all about.

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  • By Gracie Harms

  • By Gracie Harms

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