How Goodwill Helps College Students Save Money


By Alyse Nelson

According to Goodwill’s Customer Loyalty program, the Goodwill Club had 198 members with a ‘’ email addresses.

Miranda Skitzki, junior fashion design major, said the ‘goods’ in Goodwill are inexpensive. “They have a lot of variety but that are still cheap items, and lots of them are still in good condition,” she said.

Goodwill discount promotions take many different forms including student discounts, weekly 50 percent off color, manager’s special and Goodwill Club loyalty card.

Jamie Hunter, store manager of the Goodwill location in Ravenna, explained the discount promotions of the store.

“Every time a college students come into the store and shows their college ID, they can get 10 percent off for the purchase,” Hunter said. “Also, different color tags represent different discount percentages. For example, a red color tag is up to 50 percent off. The representation of the color tag is posted on the floor and being promoted on a weekly basis.”

Goodwill offers further discount promotions for the customers, as well. Katie Stoller, junior fashion design major, said she applies the student discount and the store’s weekly color discount on all purchases.

“We have a manger’s special every Tuesday through Friday,” Hunter said. “The manager will pick up certain items, and they’re his or her discretion. The special discount is promoted under the name of the manager who will select certain items. The discount percentage could be 20, 35 or even 50.”

Like other major chain stores, Goodwill provides a customer loyalty program to attract more customers and keep them within reach.

“This program allows the customer, like the students, to apply for the Goodwill card,” Hunter said. “For every dollar you spend on this card, you get a point. If you get a hundred points, you will get a 35 percent off coupon, and it will expire within 60 days.”

By presenting the card at the store, you receive a calendar with coupons inside. The coupon is also be given to any new member who signed up for the Goodwill card. If members put their email address in the membership account, they will receive manager’s special information in the email.

Paige Galecki, senior fashion merchandising major, said the clothes in Goodwill are trendy.

“I think $20 can get everything you need for your summer season and fall season,” Galecki said. “It’s great in Goodwill for parties. When you are trying to (put together) super great, super cheap (outfits) and do fun things for date parties or theme parties, (the clothes) don’t look second hand at all.”

Goodwill, a non-profit corporation, has its mission set in response to identified community needs and are designed to help individuals reach their highest possible vocational and personal potential.

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  • By Alyse Nelson

  • By Alyse Nelson

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