14 ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special this year


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Here are a few tips to help you with your Valentine’s Day this year. Remember not to overthink it, and have some fun!

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  1. It’s all about the little things. Really! Pay attention to details — you don’t have to do the typical flowers and a movie or candlelit dinner. Cater to what your Valentine likes and enjoys. That is what will make it special and make that person appreciate what you have done for him or her.
  1. Be punny! Have some fun with your Valentine and lighten the mood. If this is your first Valentine’s Day together and you haven’t been together long, Valentine’s day might be a little scary. Don’t take it too serious, and don’t expect too much.

Some ideas for puns you could use are:

Buying your Valentine’s favorite candy and adding punny tags such as writing “You’re so hot!” on Flaming Hot Cheetos or “You’re a hot tamale” on a box Tot Tamales.

Surprise them in the morning with Donuts and say “Donut ____.” Fill in the blank with a cute line such as, “I love you.” If it’s too soon, write “I think you’re cute” or “you’re very special.”

Order a heart shaped pizza, and write on the inside of the box, “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.”

  1. Make candy together.  Go to a craft store and get some melting chocolate, cover strawberries, Oreos, pretzels and marshmallows. Have some fun, maybe even have a little chocolate fight or play chubby bunny with the marshmallows.
  1. A book of Love coupons. “Use/redeem when ____” with little acts of their favorite things. Some ideas include a back rub or make them dinner.
  1. Everybody loves food — just make it heart shaped!
  1. Fill a jar with “14 things I love about you.”
  1. Have a movie night with a few of their favorite movies, or with your first movie that you watched together.
  1. Melt pink and red chocolate over popcorn for a movie night.
  1. Decorate a crafty, homemade card.
  1. Lottery tickets. “I’m a winner because i’m with you, or I really hit the lottery when I met you.”
  1. Decorate the room with DIY decor and pictures of you two.
  1. Maybe you have been going strong for a few years now, and its time to spoil them. Buy them a pair of Jordan’s or Nikes and say “___ years running strong.”
  1. You can still go out to dinner, just make it special and be extra sweet. Open the doors for her and buy her dessert!
  1. A “You complete me” gift. You get one half, they get the other and together it makes one.

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