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The Ins and Outs of Eyelash Extensions


We all may have thought about getting eyelash extensions at some point because who doesn’t want to have voluminous, long eyelashes all day, every day? However, there are some potential downsides to lash extensions.

According to ABC news, “with demand soaring, the market for false eyelashes is booming and is projected to reach more than $1.5 billion in the next five years in product alone.”

Cosmetologist and NovaLash certified technician Maddy King provided the inside scoop on all things related to eyelash extensions.


Those luscious lashes certainly come with a price. Lash extensions are known for being a little more on the expensive side for a variety of reasons.

According to King, there are several contributors to the price such as the amount of time it takes, the product and the work.

“The cost of lashes are so high because of the product, the time and how tedious it is,” King said. “One small bottle of the glue I use is around $100 to $125.”

Some technicians offer lash extensions at an extremely low price which King said should be a red flag that the technician may not be trustworthy.

“People say they found someone who does full sets for $75,” King said. “Those people are probably not using the highest quality products.”

Prices vary at every salon but at Vivo Beauty Bar, King charges $175 for a full set and $55 for a fill.


It would only make sense that individually gluing false lashes to your real lashes would take some time. It can take up to two hours to apply a full set of eyelashes and some clients worry that they won’t be able to sit still that long.

According to King, it is not recommended for clients who suffer from claustrophobia because, “they must keep their eyes closed for a long period of time.”

“A full set will take me an hour and a half to two hours max and a fill is usually an hour,” King said.

When explaining the process of applying lashes, King said that the process of separating each individual lash then picking up the extension and perfectly placing it and gluing it on a client’s natural lashes is the reason it takes so long.


According to an article on Byrdie, eyelash extensions can wreck your natural lashes, be quite expensive, require a ton of maintenance and have an agonizing application process.

When asked if eyelash extensions damage people’s eyelashes King said, “No. If you go to someone who is using good products and knows what they are doing, your lashes will not be damaged.”

According to King, the damage only happens when technicians use cheaper glue alternatives that can be similar to glue used on car parts or when long and thick lashes are applied onto naturally thin eyelashes that can’t hold the weight.

“I will not apply the longest and thickest lashes on anyone who can’t hold it. I just won’t do it,” King said. “Our number one priority is to make sure the client’s lashes are good and healthy under the extensions.”

People shed one or two lashes per day. So when a lash extension falls out it is not because the extensions are damaging their lashes. The extensions shed along with a person’s natural lash.

Another common concern about lash extensions is the burning sensation that some clients feel in their eyes afterward and wonder if it causes any damage.

“Clients experience a burning feeling because of the fumes in the glue,” King said. “Even if I hold my glue ring too close to my eyes while I’m doing it my eyes will burn.”

In reference to eye infections, King said some clients can be allergic to the glue and clients who are not taking proper care of the extensions can be at risk of an eye infection.

“You can get so much dirt and debris stuck in them if you are not brushing them and cleaning them,” King said. “You can get an eye infection for sure if you are not doing the proper care at home.”


The list of rules for maintaining those full lashes can seem pretty lengthy and some may wonder if they are worth all the upkeep.

“I recommend that they get them filled every two to three weeks,” King said. “I have some people who wait four weeks but they pay more than a regular fill because the time it takes to fill them is closer to a full set.”

King strongly suggests people with lash extensions don’t use oil based products or mascara and should be cleaning and brushing their lashes daily.

“You really want to baby your lashes,” King said. “It may be hard in the beginning, but the more you keep up with them you won’t even notice that you’re doing any extra maintenance.”

If done correctly, eyelash extensions can be a great experience. They can be a fun way to spice up your look and make getting ready in the morning a lot easier.

“Everybody loves that they can just wake up and go and look like they already have makeup on,” King said. “They can wake up and feel glam.”

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