editor’s playlist: quinn mccandless


photo by: tonya singer

These are the songs I have captured throughout college, with memories strongly attached to each whether it be live, alone, or to a certain person. These songs changed me and I hope they hold a grip to you as well.

“Helicopter” was a song I heard for the first time live at Springsfest in Yellow Springs, OH. I knew some things by Deerhunter, but this one was a smack in the face of beauty and bliss. The reoccurring guitar riff sends you into a wonderful spiral.

I discovered Bob Dylan my sophomore year (too late in my opinion) and the song “Ballad of a Thin Man” my junior year. The kooky lyrics remind me of the great creator of Twin Peaks, David Lynch. “Harvest Love” is one of those songs that pulls at the heartstrings and is just so beautiful it makes you want to cry. With all of the emotion splayed out in the first thirteen songs I had to end it off with two bops that will make you want to groove. Enjoy a little piece of my heart!