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Art by: Sydney Stevenson

There’s More to Pharrell Williams Than You Think

Josie Burkhart March 2, 2024

“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof (Because I’m happy)”. “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth (Because I’m happy)”. Wait, clap along if you know there is much...

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Photographer:Abby Welden Models: Nina Gwin, Ashley Nolan, Natalie Phillips Stylists: Stephanie Mossop, Jenna Dixon

Stop Making Sense

Abby Welden February 25, 2024

The infamous band from the ‘80s, Talking Heads, has been in the spotlight recently with the rerelease of the “Stop Making Sense” A24 concert film. The concert film was originally released in 1984...

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Photographer: Megan Porter // Model: Charlie Leonardi // Stylist: Sophia Macro

Turning Patriots Back Into Outlaws: The Revival of Country-Folk Music

Caitlin Hall October 26, 2023

Country music has held its core values in the honky-tonk Western lifestyle since the beginning. Freewheeling cowboys that live life through values of freedom are the true roots of where country music all...

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photo by kollin battle // model: lamionté

lamionté refuses to dim her shine

Janelle Sessoms May 9, 2023

The grind doesn’t stop for La La Render, or should we say, Lamionté. As we met up for this interview over a video call, she let me know she was in the studio rehearsing for a performance as we spoke....

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photo by eva rinaldi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

taylor swift’s the eras tour takes over kent students’ closets 

Chloe Robertson April 30, 2023

Taylor Swift announced The Eras Tour in October 2022 describing it as a journey through the musical eras of her career. Swift’s show is divided into 10 different eras: “Taylor Swift,” “Fearless,”...

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Photo by Jana Beamer

my 11-year-old self is crying over red (taylor’s version)

Catherine Pusateri November 20, 2021

After buying a used “Speak Now” CD from a garage sale in the summer of 2012, my 11-year-old self discovered Taylor Swift just in time to experience the original release of “Red.” Like every middle...

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art: all star picture library

mamma mia! ABBA is back

Kristen Kubek August 30, 2021

Taylor Swift isn’t the only one to tease new music in cryptic messages. Now, Swedish sensation ABBA has caught on to the trend.  The Eurovision contest-winning band, made popular to modern audiences...

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Photo by Valerie Valek

Valerie Valek: local singer on the rise

Kayla Jones February 1, 2021

There is no doubt music is a huge part of our daily lives. However, discovering new music can be a challenge, especially when the artist is just starting their careers. No need to fear, A is here to help...

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art by: paige brown

editor’s playlist: andre claudio

Andre Claudio October 22, 2020

While creating my playlist, I decided to showcase my favorite songs that I have a personal connection to. On a day to day basis, I always listen to at least one of the songs on this playlist. Even though...

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photo by: harry seremetis

editor’s playlist: sarah limas

Sarah Limas October 3, 2020

If you love making playlists for yourself and your friends as much as I do, you can understand how making a playlist that describes yourself can cause a bit of anxiety. You can tell a lot about a...

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art by: drew kazdin

editor’s playlist: raygene english

Raygene English September 19, 2020

While putting together my playlist, I  wanted to share the different songs I would play on repeat when I was younger to the adult that I am now. Every time “Un-thinkable” by Alicia Keys, “We...

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Art by. Sarah M.

Music and fashion intertwined

Sarah McGinnis September 10, 2020

In high school, I felt alienated from the people around me. As a former emo tween, I quickly gravitated toward pop punk music as I got older. I went to my first local punk show at 15 years old, then my...

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