mamma mia! ABBA is back


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Taylor Swift isn’t the only one to tease new music in cryptic messages. Now, Swedish sensation ABBA has caught on to the trend. 

The Eurovision contest-winning band, made popular to modern audiences through the “Mamma Mia” movies, is back after nearly four decades. 

The band took to their newly-created Twitter account to share a website with fans. Entitled “ABBA Voyage”, the site enables users to sign up for future news regarding the band’s cryptic upcoming projects. Many speculate a hologram tour that was initially announced in 2016. Also on the website was the date Sept. 2, presumably the day new music will drop. The band was supposed to release new music in 2020, but the pandemic delayed their plans. Fans speculate that “Voyage” will be the name of the group’s new album. 

Although the quartet disbanded in 1983, their music still resonates with audiences today. With fashion undergoing a 70s revival, it seems that the music industry is following suit. TikTok has certainly helped bridge these two industries, with many users on the app creating 70s-inspired fashion videos set to ABBA music. 

Could this comeback lead the way for other icons of the past? We sure hope so! But only time will tell…
Stay tuned for updates from ABBA’s Twitter and ABBA Voyage website.


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