telfar global: “not for you- for everyone.”


photograph by k bodrock

Over the past week, almost every well-known brand has taken to the runway in New York Fashion Week, yet one brand has set itself apart from them all; Telfar by Telfar Clemens. 

Clemens started Telfar in 2003 after he moved to New York to pursue his modeling career. He then began to sell his own collection of upcycled vintage items and that is how Telfar began. 

Telfar is better known for its iconic shopping bag that comes in three sizes and dozens of colors. These bags are so sought after that they sell out in a matter of minutes. The shopping bag is what truly put Clemens on the map, everyone and their mother is trying to get their hands on a Telfar bag! 

This past week Telfar held a press conference style show during NYFW where it announced its new app Telfar TV as well as new duffle bags that have Telfar fans everywhere preparing for the next drop. The new bags come in three sizes and in a multitude of colors, just like the classic shopping bag. On the new app, Telfar TV, it is easier than ever to purchase a bag of your own which proves its mission statement even further. With such easy access to these designer items they truly are “not for you, but for everyone.” 

In the past, high fashion has only been attainable to those of a certain class, but as the designer world evolves, so does their consumer. Wherever you go it is likely you will spot someone with a Telfar bag, and that cannot be said about many other high-end designers. The attainability of these bags has led them to pop up everywhere, including our own Kent campus. 

Student Elie Jammal has one of the famous Telfar shopping bags in Medium Cream. When asked about their feelings on the brand, they said, “I love that they make a commitment to sticking to their statement while also making a product that is durable and their consumers can depend on. My bag is super functional, it fits everything I need for school in it. It is the perfect size for my MacBook or all of my sewing supplies, it is truly the perfect bag for a student.” 

As a Black member of the LGBTQ+ community, Telfar Clemens’s story and mission statement resonate with a lot of consumers, Jammal later stated, “As a brown member of the LGBTQ community, I love supporting Telfar because it is a Black-owned queer-owned business. After I graduate I also want to start a clothing brand that is accessible to everyone and that is exactly what Telfar strives for.” 

As the Telfar brand continues to gain popularity, it is obvious that the demand for the bags is not decreasing. As they have continued to grow, they introduced the Bag Security Program where the consumer can order as many bags as they would like in any size or color with a guarantee to ship within a certain amount of time. They are rumored to be dropping their third Bag Security Program soon so follow them @TELFARGLOBAL on their social media and get yourself a designer piece! 

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