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From Runway To Realities: A Recap of My NYFW

Art: Mimi Lemar

The Big Apple, Concrete Jungle, The City So Nice They Named It Twice or as you and many others may more commonly refer to it as New York City.

Sept. 7, 2023
It started off just like any other morning. The city that never sleeps was momentarily quiet and still. As the sun began to rise, the gradual awakening of the city commenced with its all-too-familiar, symphonic sounds: the distant rumbling of subway trains, the rustling of early-rising pedestrians and the occasional honking war of gridlocked traffic.

To many, this day was nothing out of the ordinary, but for those who know the city under its other alias, The Fashion Capital of The World, it was none other than the start of New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

As an intern for Anna Sui, my NYFW week started off busy and stayed busy for its entirety. With our RTW S/S24 show set for Sept. 9, my life became enveloped in tying up loose ends and putting together the last-minute details of what felt like a theatrical production, in little to no time. Coupled with my schoolwork, it was a stressful week, to say the least.

In my – somewhat sarcastic – opinion, fashion schools around the globe should consider declaring the several fashion weeks throughout the year as optionally celebrated holidays. That way, student-intern hybrids can maximize their outreach during this time. Simply put, there is just not enough time within the week to attend, volunteer and witness all of the fashion-history-making moments.

Sept. 8, 2023
Just as quickly as the countdown for NYFW began, the countdown to its conclusion followed swiftly behind, showcasing just how fast this week goes.

I found myself attending ROOMMATE22’s S/S24 show as my first official event of the week. ROOMMATE22, a designer swimwear and lingerie brand with an emphasis on body-centric design, narrated its newest collection under the lens of “Modern Loneliness.” Edison Zhang, creative director of ROOMMATE22, shared the sentimental influence behind his process and inspiration for the S/S24 collection stating in an Instagram post that, “In life, we all experience moments of solitude. It’s not uncommon to cross paths with individuals we care about or those who share intimate moments with us. What truly stands out is encountering someone who genuinely understands the essence of who you are.” Each individual piece in the show seemed to have its own story, which really helped to invoke the sense of loneliness we all feel in regard to individuality and feeling outcasted by society, yet at the same time, the pieces were all interconnected. Almost as if a thin line was connecting certain individuals together, representing those genuine connections we may experience along life’s course.

Not only does ROOMMATE22’s S/S24 show emphasize its powerful position as a designer lingerie and swimwear brand, but it also sheds light on its deeper role of creating seductive and provocative designs that embrace and uplift those in marginalized communities.

Sept. 9, 2023
Show day arrived promptly with an early call time, where I arrived at the show in what I considered to be my best NYFW attire: a dress complete with spandex shorts underneath and comfortable shoes to allow for easy mobility in case of any dressing emergencies. As those on the guest list soon arrived, the show moved quickly, not waiting for anyone to catch up. The models, clad in Sui’s signature prints and colors, took their places in line. It was showtime. With the models filtering out onto the runway, I stood silently still, waiting for their return to the dressing room. In the blink of an eye, the time for my model’s quick change arrived. I began undressing and redressing my Barbie in her colorful look, with no problems or emergencies (PHEW!).

The models strode down the runway, leaving the audience thoroughly mesmerized by each ensemble of colorful sea-inspired looks. I was ecstatic to realize that if you looked closely enough, you could find my hair-clip-covered head on the right of one of the backstage released photographs.

Sept. 10, 11, 12, 13
With little time to recuperate, I set off into the world of New York glamour where I attended the Chanel Lucky Chance Diner, a pop-up event for the launch of Chanel’s newest fragrance, Chance Eau Fraîche. The launch event was complete with an immersive, retro, diner atmosphere, social media opportunities, complimentary shirley temples, iced matcha and even ice cream. I got to leave with a small tester bottle of the celebrated fragrance.

Soon, my last few events of NYFW trickled in. Through Kent State’s NYC Fashion Studio faculty and resources, I was able to assist backstage in the makeup and hair department as media and production insight for Next Frontier in Fashion’s collaborative runway show, which included designers, Cindy Castro New York, Hi Post and 444fourfortyfour. While backstage, I was able to take some promotional photos for one of the hair stylists, as well as guide models in and out of hair and makeup stations. While I couldn’t stay for the show, I was so grateful for the opportunity to assist backstage for such a wonderful event.

What would NYFW be without an after-party? To close out the night, I attended the 6th Annual SONY Rooftop Event which highlighted the photography and film industry, complete with a scenic view of the city from Brooklyn. With photo opportunities galore, NYC-themed refreshments and industry speaker talks, it was a nice change of pace, in comparison to the chaos of the week.

Until Next Time, NYFW
Saying goodbye to NYFW was bittersweet, but necessary – until fashion enthusiasts and salarymen alike, meet in the city again in the spring. I assure you that as I reflect on this remarkable experience, the runway lights, designer showcases and fabulously dressed crowds will all come flooding back. I left with a head full of ideas, a heart brimming with curiosity and handfuls of new LinkedIn connections. As the lights dim on NYFW, New York City will continue to champion one of its many aliases, The Fashion Capital of The World.

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