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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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photo by ally freidly // models: ameena sawan & evan peters

a love letter to all the queer kids out there

Luiz Henrique Dal'Berto May 8, 2023

It's 2008 and The Pussycat Dolls just released the music video for “When I Grow Up” on MTV. In front of the TV, my sister and I dance around the living room in our improvised bed sheet dresses trying...

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photo courtesy of monica mod

monica mod finds strength in drag

Jillian Saliba April 17, 2023

Drag is a cultural art form — an avenue of self-expression that should be celebrated rather than penalized. It’s an art form that dates back hundreds of years, long before drag even had a name to define...

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photo by adam thomas on unsplash

astrology and incompatibility: are we blaming the stars?

Clémence Pasteur April 13, 2023

“Gemini men are too faced.” “Scorpios are manipulative.” “Leos are egocentric.” “Capricorns are unemotional.” “Aries are short-tempered.”    Studies and interviews have shown...

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art: marina difranco

coming to terms with being average

Liana Boersma April 6, 2023

Growing up, many of us were told “you’re special.” While true to an extent, many of us do not excel at any certain thing. So if we’re not special, what are we? Average? Ordinary? Yes. It’s unpleasant...

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art by marina di franco

keep your boundaries abroad

Marina Di Franco April 2, 2023

Content Warning: This article is a first person perspective surrounding themes of sexual trauma and violence.    Studying abroad is often portrayed in a highlight reel. The study abroad experience...

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photo by cece kirk

a farewell to my teenage years

Caitlin Hall March 23, 2023

They say your teenage years are some of the biggest years of your life; the monumental moments, from going to high school, graduating and leaving all you’ve ever known to start a new journey. New friends...

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collage by ceci foley

i tried a capsule wardrobe for a second time and here are my thoughts

Kayla Friedman March 22, 2023

Last year around this time, I wrote an article where I tried a capsule wardrobe for a week. Spoiler alert: I was not a fan. A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothing that can be interchangeably...

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photo by grace abbott // models: olivia doherty, camryn parker, maya lee

the pursuit of happiness begins with self-love

Kayla Friedman March 12, 2023

The phrase, “Be the best version of yourself” sounds good in theory, but it is nonsense. This phrase merely simplifies the concept of self-improvement with a pleasing ring to it. When it comes to self-improvement,...

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illustration: judas proffit

big boobs, little skirts: exploring misogynistic female representation in anime and gaming

Luiz Dal'Berto March 3, 2023

If you have been playing video games or watching anime for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the representation of men and women is composed of obviously different values. Like in the anime “Demon...

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illustration by grace carmen

who are daisy jones & the six?

Gabby Adkins March 2, 2023

Just imagine, it’s the 1970s. You are in a huge arena filled with loud cheers and adoring fans. On the main stage stands the band Daisy Jones & the Six. Now who are Daisy Jones & the Six? Well,...

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illustration by deasia sellers

should the ‘king of rock’ be dethroned?

Abby Friedman February 28, 2023

Elvis Presley is a name recognized by multiple generations. Many were either fans of him, grew up around his music or are learning about him through the popularity of the hit movie “Elvis” starring...

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photo by wilhelm gunkel on unsplash

i’m in a situationship, what do I do for valentine’s day? 

Clémence Pasteur February 13, 2023

Are you in the talking phase? Seeing phase? Sex phase? Exclusive but unofficial phase?    Well, you’re not alone!    I started seeing this guy about two weeks ago, and let me...

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