the style of the modern witch


photo by alyssa coyle and maggie harris

The style of the modern witch has evolved. Traditions dating back to the 17th century are still practiced, but the styles are constantly changing. These latest trends from Black Cat Boutique will ensure that you and your coven are dressed your finest. The latest collection, “Magick Mysteries,” puts a modern twist on the timeless aesthetic of witches; featuring lace details, thigh high boots, corsets and full-length dresses. Silver jewelry has also become a staple in the witch community; our Magick Mysteries collection features layered necklaces, rings and wire wrapped crystals. 

Photography by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris.

Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris


Crystal jewelry provides a piece of magick everywhere you go. Crystals have unique and powerful properties that can be beneficial, as well as fashionable.

Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris


Gothic style has inspired countless witch trends, including all-black attire. Black is a symbol of darkness and mystery, carrying a social significance when distinguishing yourself as a witch. Magick Mysteries brings multiple styles of all-black dresses, featuring new necklines from high collared to sweetheart.

Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris


Bold eyeliner and dark lipstick are a modern take on witch makeup. Emphasizing the unity in all-black attire, these makeup styles are guaranteed to accentuate the Magick Mysteries collection. 

Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris


Layering a corset over a dress or shirt creates a dynamic look. Adding a corset is a great way to add contrast to an all-black outfit. Along with accentuating your figure, layering with corsets can transform a simple outfit and make your personality shine through.

Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris


Whether they’re platform, lace-up or high-heeled, boots are a classic in witchy fashion. Shoes say a lot about one’s personality, so don’t be afraid to express yourself with the Magick Mysteries boot collection!

Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris
Photo by Alyssa Coyle and Maggie Harris


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