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photo by alexis wesie // models: jt, cecelia greene, nino boualany, nadia stewert

the art of tattoos

Alexis Wesie December 22, 2022

Tattoos are an art form that take up permanent residency on one's body. Many people start collecting tattoos when they are in their early 20s considering you have to be 18 years or older to legally get...

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photo:allison friedly // stylist: cece kirk // model: erin gaulin

on pointe: december editorial

Cece Kirk December 15, 2022

Historically, ballet has been intertwined with the fashion world both on and off the stage, and this year, there’s been an undeniable surge in the trend. Seen in ribbon details, pastels, tulle skirts,...

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photo: allison freidly // stylist:cecelia kirk // model:ariane robinson

growing up: november editorial

Cece Kirk November 5, 2022

The concept of “growing up” is an area of uncharted territory. It is a period of our lives meant for exploration, experimentation, and identifying who we are… But where did this period start, and...

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photos: antonia digiacomo // models: lilith koci and maize connolly

the legend of the pumpkin people

Antonia DiGiacomo October 31, 2022

It has long since been assumed that the Pumpkin People were nothing but a myth. There was no physical evidence of their existence, much like Bigfoot or Nessie. Their appearances have only been recorded...

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photo by alexis wesie // models: olivia roberts, chloé proffitt, shana mendelsohn

rocking halloween on a budget

Alexis Wesie October 21, 2022

October is everyone’s favorite time of the year because Halloween becomes all month long. Many people use their creativity to express themselves through costumes more than they do in their everyday style....

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the fountain man // photo by emma lammermeier

everyday oddness: european street photography

Emma Lammermeier October 15, 2022

Street photography of everyday oddness in Berlin, Vienna, and Prague. Not staged in any way, but rather moments that were captured in a blink of an eye.  The Honeymoon  Vienna, Austria As I...

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photo by pierce bartman // styled by chloe proffitt // model: laynie oettinger

modern medieval: a dip into daydreams

Pierce Bartman October 7, 2022

With a simple cut of fabric or a distinctive design, fashion can transport us to any era in history. Whether it be loose-fitting psychedelic patterns making us feel like we’re a groupie at Woodstock...

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photo: pierce bartman //
photo assistant: braelyn // models: Taliyah and

seeing double

Pierce Bartman October 1, 2022

The vision that I had in mind for this shoot was to capture the models in unconventional poses. I wanted them to be interacting in a way that was impractical and that one would not see in day-to-day life,...

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photos by maggie harris // styled by emma joffrion // model: allie girman

tatted for a mag

Maggie Harris September 21, 2022

Tatted for A Mag The beauty of being a part of A Magazine is the opportunity to be a part of something bigger: a magazine that strives to speak to our generation and spark our interest. Within a few...

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photo by sophia lucente // styled by brooke fenenbock // models: cecelia kirk, meredith raymond, hadley cohen, hannah keally

weird girl aesthetic: september 2022 editorial

Sophia Lucente and Brooke Fenenbock September 10, 2022

Shattering the Idea of the Male Gaze through the “Weird Girl Aesthetic” Photographed and edited by Sophia Lucente and creatively directed and style by Brooke Fenenbock, A Magazine's first editorial...

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photo: pierce bartman // assistant: sophia lucente // model: sierra rios

monochrome neutral

Pierce Bartman April 27, 2022

This shoot ended up being all about going with the flow. We had to do some adapting during the shoot because of a wind advisory and the fact that the backdrop also apparently doubles as a sail. Despite...

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photo: emma lammermeier // models: megan dugger and olivia kulin

student brands editorial

Adam Mason by Alexis Wesie  Adam Mason is a 21-year-old fashion design major from Michigan who is now at Kent State University. He makes handmade 1 of 1 clothing pieces cut and sewn by himself. He...

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