A Guide for Kent Over Spring Break


Photo By Nico Ciani

As spring break is fast approaching all are becoming slightly antsy to finish off exams and projects to embark on whatever trip or vacation may be taken over the long awaited break. To others, spring break may not be as highly anticipated, for they may not be taking any outrageous vacations or trips to states and countries unknown.

For those who are staying in Kent, we have created a grand list of adventures here in Kent that will make your spring break worthwhile and full of pleasant springtime activities. They’ll all give you a little refresher and make you feel rejuvenated; just as spring break is meant to do.

The classic Instagram picture we all know and love of beautiful drinks held up beside the pool, or on the water, will quite possibly graze our feeds over the course of our break. The many coffee shops located in Kent such as, Scribbles, Bent Tree, Last Exit Books Cafe and Tree City, are open, obviously, throughout the course of spring break, to cater to your various needs.

All have menus containing frozen and iced drinks, both caffeinated and not, to give you a little taste of paradise while you’re a little ways away. Scribbles is even hosting an event the evening of March 22, Knitting for Those in Need, from 6 to 8, if you care to stop by and grab a drink then, you’ll both be treating yourself and lending a hand to someone in need.

If I do say so myself, all of these special Kent gems have some picturesque qualities about them and will hold their own just fine if you decide to snap a pic of your beautiful mango smoothie pre-consumption. You could also take the time to visit other cafes and coffee houses in the surrounding areas that need some love; do some exploring and check out Mocha Maiden or Artisan Coffee over in Akron or Phoenix Coffee Co. or Pour in Cleveland.

Being a hub for local events, Kent has a couple of things going on over spring break week as well, even with so many people being away. If you miss the times of running around in fields close to Easter and searching for eggs filled with your favorite sweet treat, then take note of the 2016 Fourth Annual Adult Egg Scramble.

You do have to register in advance for this event and only the first 750 participants will be accepted, so if you’re interested sign up quickly; for more information, take a look at the Kent Parks and Recreation website, linked above.

There’s also a weekly farmer’s market held at the United Methodist Church on East Main Street, every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Support local artisans, specialists, and farmers in their endeavors and visit the booths for something yummy or handmade. If you feel up to taking a venture into Cleveland, you can snatch tickets to a Cavaliers game for a night spent somewhat farther from home.

On the off chance Kent continues to bless us with its beautiful warm weather and sunny days, you can take your time free of class and spend it somewhere that’ll feed your adventurous side. There are plenty of hiking trails and parks in the area, some being Towner’s Woods and Cuyahoga Falls National Park; both providing beautiful trails for your hiking or biking pleasures.

You can grab some friends, map out your trail and get out there; bring a hammock if you have one and hang for a while, it’ll allow the world to slow down just a bit around you. If you’re feeling especially outgoing and the day is absolutely impeccable, pack a good lunch and blanket to sprawl out on the grass with. There are some good spots beside the river in Downtown Kent that are ideal picnicking locations; you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs quite easily once you get down there.

Even though staying back for spring break can initially be a little disappointing, this guide should allow you to keep your days occupied and full, as they should be, no matter if they’re spent on the beaches of Florida or not. If anything, partaking in some or even just one of these activities will allow for a good deal of appreciation for the place so many of us call home.


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