Get Body Confidence with Aerie

The anticipation of spring break is difficult to beat. It acts as the perfect break during a long semester and the short teaser for summer. Whether your spring break includes a tropical destination or a cozy week at home, it is well deserved.

You know what else is well deserved? That cute bathing suit you’ve had your eye on ever since Aerie released their line of swimwear. You also deserve to know that the body you have right now looks good in a swimsuit and that the real you is sexy.

Aerie by American Eagle launched it’s #AerieReal campaign in Spring 2014 featuring all unretouched and unairbrushed models. The movement promotes body positivity, self-acceptance and true beauty.

Targeted at high school and college aged women, Aerie has had huge success with their #AerieReal campaign. Its stark contrast to other rival brands, who showcase supermodels, set Arie apart because customers can relate to the models and understand that curves, lines and imperfections are surprisingly perfect.

“We don’t believe in flaws and believe that real beauty should be shown in a natural unaltered way,” said Jen Foyle, head of Aerie, in her interview withBuzzFeed.

Aerie encourages women to post pictures with the hashtag #AerieReal to promote that women just like you are a treasure. For those of you who are working toward a fitness goal, keep it up. You are most beautiful when you feelbeautiful—and maybe that’s when you are eating your favorite ice cream while watching a movie with your friends on the couch. Maybe that’s when you leave the gym dripping with sweat. You rock either way.

It’s important to realize that beauty is deeper than skin, and while this fact may not be readily addressed in lingerie ads, even Aerie ones, every women should know this basic truth.

Observing all the women on the beach with “perfect beach bodies” can be discouraging; we at A magazine want to encourage you it is okay to not look like women you see in lingerie and swimsuit advertisements. You are simply beautiful the way you are. Aerie thinks so, too.