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Must See Places in Hong Kong


Places to See: Hong Kong

With spring break coming up, along with the summer, maybe you’re looking to travel in the near future or spend a semester abroad. Let A Magazine be your quick guide to Hong Kong. This city is like Asia for beginners, in the sense that it isn’t overwhelming and with all its offerings — you’ll hardly get culture shock.

Here’s a quick list of a few things to do if you ever find yourself in Hong Kong!



Just a short walk away from the pier, Central Hong Kong houses major fashion labels and high-end malls. This area is great for a day of shopping. After you’re done at the mall, you can head up to The Peak, the tallest point in the city for a great photo of the Hong Kong skyline. We recommend taking the tram; just be warned there is about a 30 minute wait at most times of the day for the tram.


Otherwise known as the area south of Hollywood Road. This area is the perfect retreat to find cafes that carry foods of all nationalities, partially because many expatriates, people who are not from the country, live in this region. After eating you can stop by the many local boutiques or the stores of recognizable fashion brands from the US.

Hollywood Road:

Well known for being the place to find antiques, this street also has many local boutiques and art galleries. Walk along it to get a sense of local arts, and you’ll also come across great stores to buy local gifts for friends and family.


MongKok Flower Markets:

You can find all kinds of flowers and potted plants at this market. This area is the perfect way to start a day trip to MongKok. And if you’re living in Hong Kong for the semester, may we recommend the adorably small potted cacti and plants most shops sell as a way to decorate your room.

MongKok Street Markets:

You can practice your haggling skills in these street markets. Since this area is a local flea market, these small shops are perfect for finding cheap knick-knacks and gifts for friends and family. Get used to the price being negotiable and booth owners guilting you with the “We just opened up” line.

MongKok Argyle Street:

Like Central Hong Kong and SoHo, Argyle Street is filled with stores from plenty of the brands we know from the US. Walk around the area further, you can find discount Korean skincare stores located up a flight of stairs and some Korean fast fashion brands; just to name a couple of the local offerings.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade:

This walkway is the perfect seaside area to capture a beautiful photo of Hong Kong Island. This area is great to jog or walk along. The path begins in Hung Hom, and you can follow it all the way to Star Ferry Pier. From there, you can cross the harbor right into Central Hong Kong for less than 3HKD (Hong Kong Dollars).


Mix a little bit of European and Chinese culture together, and you’ll get Macau. This city is just a ferry ride away from Hong Kong, and it is full of amazing sights and food. We recommend trying the Portuguese egg tarts and visiting the beautiful Macau University. Seriously, you will be jealous of how gorgeous their university is. Vegas has nothing on this city’s casinos. If you’re 21, visit these amazing casinos. If not for the gambling, then for the architecture instead.

Safe travels!

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