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Travel Essentials


With spring break long gone, we will soon be packing up and heading home for the summer or wherever that might be for you. Maybe you are off to explore the world.

Wherever you may be going, A Magazine has the perfect list of must haves to bring along.

Planes, trains and cars all have germs! Protect yourself and wipe down the seats before you use them. Another good idea would be to wipe your devices clean after being in public places. There’s nothing worse than being sick away from home.

With that, don’t forget your 5 for $6 mini hand sanitizer in a tropical scent to keep your hands clean from the germs that you encounter.

If you didn’t already know, air travel dehydrates your skin. When you get back to your hotel or back home, unwind and reboot your skin with a hydrating face mask. This one linked has blueberries in it, which help to neutralize free radicals that can cause skin damage.

Until you can get to your mask, keep some of Benefit’s Ultra Radiance mist in your bag to give your skin an instant boost of hydration and soothe your skin from that long flight.

Pass the time and learn something new with a good book to read as you travel. We’re currently loving “Girl Boss.”

Great for drowning out unwanted noise or jamming out to your favorite tunes, try the brand Bose.

Big or small, we suggest a crossbody to carry around with you and have your hands free during your traveling and exploring.

Block out the haters… or just the sun with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Keep your hair fresh and volumized while on the road, we’re loving the brand Batiste.

Bon Voyage!

Photo by Adam Forrester

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