20 mother’s day gifts that won’t disappoint


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Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, is right around the corner! Mom’s do so much for us all the time that on Mother’s Day we can finally give back and show them a little extra appreciation.


Not sure how to show your mom how much she means to you? Don’t worry, below are 20 Mother’s Day gifts that will be sure to not disappoint a mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day! 


1.A New Purse and Wallet To Match 

First up on our list is a new purse, and of course adding in a new matching wallet too couldn’t hurt! Brands like Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade all have a variety of options to choose from. Ranging in all sizes, buy your mom the perfect purse to help her throughout her day of errands or even accompany her on her way to work! Choose a colorful purse to brighten things up, or stick to a neutral color that will be sure to go with everything in your mom’s closet. 


2.Flowers & Succulent’s 

Who doesn’t love flowers??? Go to your local grocery store and pick a bouquet that reminds you of your mom. Or, you can even pick some flowers in your own backyard and make a DIY bouquet! Additionally, instead of flowers, you could buy a succulent for your mom’s kitchen or bedroom window sill. Coming from my own mom, I’ve been told an olive tree would be a great gift…definitely going to take this as a hint. 


3.Breakfast in Bed 

Wake up bright and early on May 8 and get yourself in the kitchen! Surprise your mom with a cute breakfast tray right as she wakes up. Make her favorite breakfast food, possibly a pancake or waffle, maybe a croissant or a bagel. Include some fruit, eggs, bacon or sausage. Customize it personally to your mom. You can even create a menu for her to choose from. Decorate the tray with a little note, a vase with flowers and some orange juice with a splash of prosecco! 



For moms always on the go, a new suitcase could be a perfect gift for them. After a while, airports and traveling beat up suitcases, so finding  good luggage that will last them a while is always a good find. A great brand to use is Away, which provides carry-on and checked luggage sizes and has up to nine colors to choose from. Furthermore, Away provides three material options: polycarbonate, aluminum and nylon. 


5.Wine Subscription

After moms are done being moms for the day, the perfect thing for them to enjoy is a nice glass of wine. Buy your mom a wine subscription for the year from Firstleaf, America’s #1 awarded win club. For just $39.95 you can purchase six bottles. You can build a personalized box for your mom by choosing from hundreds of award winning red and white wines from around the world. 


6.Pajama Set and Robe

To go along with that wine glass, at the end of everyday, who doesn’t want to curl up in a comfy pajama set and binge watch their favorite show? New pajamas can provide your mom much needed comfort at the end of a rough day. Skims sleepwear can be a great option considering their pajamas are said to be ultra-soft and breathable, moving with your every step. 


7.A Year of Connection Card Kit 

Sometimes our moms may need a chance to breathe from all the craziness going on around them. Compendium has created the perfect outlet for moms to remember all the small and big moments occurring in their lives. With 52 cards, 52 envelopes and a journal, the Connection Card Kit allows our mom’s a chance to take a step back and celebrate the meaningful connections and relationships happening in their life. 


8.A Spa Day

Give your mom a day to just sit back and relax. Buy her a gift card for a spa day to pamper her in every way. It can include a facial, mani pedi, massage, hair treatment…whatever you think she would enjoy the most! Some local spa places near Kent to look into include Traveling Spa Girl and Sante Massage Therapy.


9.Google Nest Speaker/Amazon Echo Dot 

Instead of your mom’s regular alarm or iPhone, the Google Nest Speaker or Amazon Echo Dot are two trendy alternatives. If your mom loves talking and texting to Siri like mine, this could be an ideal gift. These advanced speakers can be used to play music, help with home security, shut off lights, wake you up, remind you what is on your to-do list, tell you the weather, etc… The list goes on and on. 


10.Weekend Trip 

Take or send your mom on a little weekend getaway! Get her out of her usual setting and let her experience new scenery either somewhere close or far. You decide the destination fit for your mom. Also, depending on your ideal price, options can be endless. 


11.A Pair of Earrings or Jewelry 

For moms who are HUGE jewelry lovers, a new set of earrings could be a nice gift. Gold hoops are so in and can be worn for nights in or out. Also, a nice necklace that has a meaningful charm on it can make for a great memorable gift as well! 


12.Cooking Supplies

For all the moms out there who cook dinner every night or are baking fans, some new updated supplies to spice things up in the kitchen can be a good option for a gift this Mother’s Day. Whether you get some new pots and pans, or maybe even a new set of kitchen knives, your mom will be sure to love the new addition to her kitchen, especially because it came from you. 


13.SoulCycle-at Home Bike

For active moms who can’t always make it to a gym, the SoulCycle-at Home Bike can be an exceptional replacement. This is a more expensive purchase, but would be well worth it if it is something you know your mom would get good use out of. The bike allows you to tap into immersive on-demand and live classes with inspiring instructors, but also provides you with the option to move to your own beat! 


14.Running Shoes 

Comfortable shoes to walk or run in are also an option for moms that like to stay active. Nike or Adidas can provide so many options to ensure that your mom’s feet are properly taken care of after a long day of being on the go. For example, Nike’s Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX, is a best seller waterproof trail running shoe for women at just $160. 


15.A Question a Day for Self-Care: A 3 Year Journal 

Mental wellness should be a priority for everyone. No matter how busy our mom’s lives get while juggling several responsibilities, it is crucial for them to put themselves first sometimes. With this journal, your mom can take a second each day to answer a question and get in check with their emotions. This journal can provide them a chance to write out their thoughts and feelings over three years and learn what truly makes them happy and what they enjoy doing. It’ll also be neat to one day get to read the thoughts and feelings your mom once expressed and enclosed in the journal. 


16.Heated Foot Massager 

A heated foot massager to plug in and use at the end of every day might just be something your mom would look forward to, maybe you can even try it out yourself if she lets you! With soothing heat, deep kneading therapy and air compression, the massage can improve blood circulation and foot wellness. 


17.Diffuser and Essential Oil Set 

After a tough day, winding down while inhaling a natural fragrance from an essential oil diffuser can help soothe your mom. The aromatherapy diffuser works by diffusing essential oils into the air which can help promote calm feelings, improve clarity and focus, boost your mood and even support a healthy digestive system. Oil scents can include lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, jasmine, nutmeg, clove and spearmint. 


18.Beach Kit 

With summer only a month away, a little beach kit can help out your mom even if she is just headed to the pool! The kit can include anything from a new pair of trendy sunglasses to a new sunhat, a beach towel and of course sunscreen.  


19.Skylight Frame 

Two Christmases ago my siblings and I purchased our parents a Skylight frame from Amazon. This was the best gift we ever gave them! We use our Skylight frame all the time, it sits out on our kitchen table. Because each of my siblings and I are currently living in other states or areas, we use our Skylight to share images to our parents to be able to show them what we are up to even miles away. It is a way to stay connected to each other, and when we are home, a way to look back on all of our memories we have created over the years. 


20.Personalized Wall Art 

Instead of an electronic picture frame, your mom may like a family portrait illustration that she can place in the living room or her bedroom. Etsy’s LovekokiGifts provides a personalized piece of wall art that can be adjusted to look like the members of your family alongside your mom. You can also customize a text or saying, choose a background and include your family pet. 

Now these are just some ideas of how to show your mom how grateful you are for her and everything she does for you, but there are so many other ways. This is just a guide to get you started! At the end of the day, just make sure that on May 8 you remind the mother figure in your life how truly amazing she is each and every day, that is truly all that matters. 


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