a magazine 10th anniversary documentary


Can you believe A Magazine has been around for ten years? A Magazine recently celebrated our tenth anniversary with the release of our spring 2022 issue. We teamed up with Fame Productions to put together a documentary that takes our readers behind the scenes to see what the process of creating our ten-year anniversary print issue was like.

This issue pushes the boundaries of what A Magazine has accomplished in the past and shines a spotlight on Kent State’s talented (and incredibly stylish) students. The tenth anniversary issue covers topics within the realms of fashion, beauty and culture such as the phenomenon of casual Instagram, an in-depth look at how women of color are often not listened to or believed, a feature story on one of Kent State’s stunning drag queens and many more compelling pieces.

Our print photoshoots capture your attention instantly, pulling your eyes towards the intricately styled looks and the perfectly shot photos. From a Western-themed photoshoot featuring a real horse (we love you, Shiner) to a breathtaking shoot focusing on hyper sexuality and feeling comfortable with your body, our tenth anniversary issue truly has it all.

You can check out A Magazine’s ten-year anniversary issue now on our website at this link.