athluxury will have you sweating in style


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Athluxury is the perfect combination of luxury fashion with a sporty aesthetic. It’s a look seen in recent years that is transforming from primarily being worn by off-duty models to making an impact on the fashion runway. The sensibility of comfort has become one of the top purchase drivers in the fashion industry over the past two years, and luxury designers are taking advantage of it. The high-fashion style is inspired by traditional athleisure, which has been adapted and transformed in numerous ways by fashion powerhouses. Unlike athleisure, which offers versatility in performance, athluxury offers versatility in design by taking a step towards a more couture aesthetic. Athluxury is a style that looks and feels effortlessly cool and chic. 

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According to Vogue journalist Laura Jackson, “this season, the sporty aesthetic is more dressed up than ever before.” At the Vogue World event during NYFW, which celebrated 130 years of Vogue magazine, one of the most popular trends seen on the runway was athluxury. It was also one of the top ten street styles worn in the fall of 2022 NYFW, according to Vogue’s NYFW Street Style Shopping Report


Inspiration for achieving the off-duty model athluxury look can come from some of the most influential models in the world, such as the ultimate sister duo, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Looking through Vogue runway and magazines and social media such as Pinterest and Instagram are also ways to find inspiration to help you create your own take on the athluxury style. 


Though luxury is in the name of the style, it is an achievable aesthetic for people who have a lower budget and shop for more affordable clothing. You can incorporate items you may already have, thrift garments and shop at low-cost sports apparel stores to create your athluxury style. To incorporate athluxury into your personal style, start with staple pieces like high socks, sneakers, pleated skirts and track jackets. Jewelry, sunglasses and handbags can also emphasize the athluxury style when incorporated into an outfit. 


Athluxury is becoming a recurring aesthetic for designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Miu Miu to incorporate into their collections. Vogue journalist Madeline Fass says, “It wouldn’t be athluxury without the mention of all Balenciaga, Gucci, and Wales Bonner’s collaborations with Adidas.” The world-renowned brand Adidas has collaborations with luxury fashion brands that allow it to target more high-end consumers. With two of the most popular athleticwear brands, Nike and Adidas, collaborating with high-fashion brands such as Jacquemus and Gucci, it’s clear that the new wave of athluxury has only just begun. 

The shift in fashion that occurred due to the pandemic transformed athleisure into a lifestyle rather than a trend. Since modern consumers want comfortable and stylish clothing, luxury designers are revamping athleisure by adding their take on it to achieve athluxury. Luxury and athleticwear brand collaborations during the past few years have proved the popularity of athluxury, especially among Gen Z. As consumers continue to gravitate towards the athluxury style, it will remain a crucial focus for designer brands. With influential brands and models bringing athluxury mainstream, it’s a style that will continue to influence many people’s wardrobes throughout the coming years.

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