is tiktok predicting the state of the world based on the accessories we wear?


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In the last century, there has been a range of what is being put forward and worn in the world of fashion. But how much does it matter and how much should we let it affect us? 

Fashion and the economy have correlated for as long as we can remember, and in every way from what we can afford, to making a statement about society. Just as Victory Red lipstick shone after World War II and mini skirts began their popular debut during youth and sexual liberation revolutions in the mid -1960s. Across social media platforms, many of us have been seeing the predictions about the economy based on red carpet wear. More specifically, a trend of less jewelry, especially necklaces, on red carpets, at galas and award shows has been spotted. Recently, at the Golden Globes, we saw even less necklace-wearing than usual. From Daisy Edgar-Jones to Jennifer Coolidge, bare necks were a hot look. 

Dr. Sara Hume, professor and curator of the Kent State Museum, has a background in the relationship of fashion and aesthetics in relation to economic and political forces. Compared to what TikTok has been telling us, Hume “just wonder[s] how relevant red carpet and gala dress is with what people wear.” 


Since the pandemic, we have seen a spike in casual and leisure wear, which has caused a “real disconnect between these really fancy occasions and the average person,” Hume said. We may be moving away from taking extreme wealth on the runway so seriously, rather than looking into it as TikTok is implying. 

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So how worried should we be about what the red carpet is allegedly predicting? Well first off, according to CNBC, we aren’t yet in a recession. While we may not be in a period of economic growth, we are not in complete disarray either. Rather than looking at how the red carpet is predicting the future of the economy, maybe it should be viewed as reflecting the common people. 


“If anything, I would think that the lack of jewelry would be a reflection of the general lack of fanciness and formality in the way that people dress,” Hume said. “Jewelry is such a demonstration of sheer wealth…in general our society is much less about flashy displays of wealth than we used to be, even a century ago.” 

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While it is fun to speculate about how fashion houses and celebrities are forecasting the future, it shouldn’t be something that causes us distress. Just after the Golden Globes at Paris Fashion Haute Couture Week, we saw Doja Cat at the Schiaparelli show covered head to toe in crystals; which is almost the complete opposite of no jewelry. 


Maybe there is something to be said about the idea of a potential economic downfall in correlation with what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, but as Dr. Hume suggests, maybe this lack of jewelry is in reaction to us rather than looming potential. 

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