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Microtrends Have Nothing on Rory Gilmore and Rachel Green

Art by: Abby Wilson

Fast fashion and microtrends have made it hard for people to keep up with trends in a sustainable or practical way. With the fall season approaching, new trends are arising and old ones are coming back stronger than ever. In spite of growing microtrends, certain pieces find their way back into the fashion rotation every fall season.

“Obviously there’s a color pallet that always comes back,” junior musical theatre major Kristiana Corona said. Corona always expects to see traditional muted and jewel tones in people’s closets each year. Not only do these colors surpass the success of microtrends but they are also effortlessly timeless. Microtrends like snake skin, ballet flats and polka dots, have yet to stand the test of time like chunky sweaters, mock turtlenecks, leather jackets and baggy jeans.

Senior digital media production major Alex Thompson said, “Microtrends ruin how special fashion can be for people because there is no individual sense of style.”

This year’s microtrends include metallic silvers, sheer fabrics, chunky earrings and statement belts. “If everyone is ordering the same pair of shoes it’s no longer unique to you,” Thompson said. She continued by saying she was also interested in some of the trending pieces this fall, “but then it’s because I was influenced by someone else, not because I specifically liked them myself.”

Each new microtrend leads back to the timeless pieces people cherish in their closets year after year. Mom’s leather jacket from the ‘90s has yet to be replaced and now sits in a special spot in everyone’s closet.

Rachel Green and Rory Gilmore have become the ultimate fall fashion inspiration since the years their shows aired. Rachel’s chic blue jeans, black sweater and messy bun inspires people to revamp this simple look each year. Rory’s skirt with sheer black tights and Dr. Marten boots always find their way onto Kent’s campus during the fall. The accessories may change, but the base of the outfit never does.

“Usually I’m wearing four necklaces, a huge pair of earrings and sunglasses on my head,” sophomore digital media production major Bailey Fair said. Fair always finds herself looking back at the TV show “Friends” and ‘90s fashion looks when searching for fall fashion inspiration.

It’s not just ‘90s fashion that continuously overpowers microtrends, Corona explains how she always finds herself looking back at 2014 Tumblr for her fashion inspiration. Her goal is to look like she stepped right out of a “Twilight” movie. Looking towards previous trends and icons still provides inspiration to us years or decades later.

Fast fashion and microtrends will continue to pop up each season, but they will consistently be overpowered by staple closet pieces despite new fads and their growing popularity. Even with the rise of fast fashion, many of us are still looking for that perfect vintage piece.

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