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Bianca Censori’s Not So Stylish Italian Summer

Image provided by Unsplash // Photographer: David Mendoza

Bianca Censori, the new “wife” of Kanye West, has caught quite a few looks and glares during her time in Italy over the summer. In the city of Florence, home to Kent State’s most popular study abroad program, Bianca has been seen walking the streets with little to no clothing and sometimes without shoes.

Since her marriage to West, the former architect for his brand Yeezy has been sporting a wide array of interesting outfits in the United States and Europe. The couple spent their summer in Italy, and her style didn’t evolve with the change of location. Many scratched their heads as Censori walked down the street with a sheer bra top, tights and no shoes, with West by her side, clad in all black from head to toe, also wearing no shoes.

On one occasion, Censori was seen leaving her hotel wearing an entirely nude-colored pantyhose and a purple pillow clutched to her chest, seemingly to cover herself but also as a statement piece for her outfit. Many have speculated that Censori has been influenced by West to dress this way as was his former wife, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian has been open about West styling her for most of their relationship and many believed that her outfits weren’t aligned with her true style.

While many people have applauded Censori for her daring looks, others have condemned her on social media for wearing such revealing clothing in a country historically known for its more conservative Catholic culture. According to Monique Friedlander of Daily Mail UK, “Italian locals have since branded the Kim Kardashian lookalike’s outfits ‘disrespectful’ on social media, with some saying ‘immodest’ Bianca and Kanye weren’t welcome in a country known for its conservative Catholic heritage.”

Censori and West may also be in legal trouble with the Italian government after acting “inappropriately” on a boat in Venice Italy. They were photographed by tourists committing a lewd act on the boat with the boat captain being none the wiser. The boat company has since banned them from taking any further rides with the company and the local police could press charges for public indecency.

While some have been disturbed by their presence and appearance in Italy, others have welcomed them into the country and have excitedly lined up to take pictures with the pair. Having tourists amble through the streets is nothing new to Italians, but celebrities of the stature of West and Censori, especially with their outfits, have caught attention.

Censori’s unique style has many people confused and wondering what lengths some will go for fashion. Censori has been pushing the limits of recent trends and possibly past the boundaries of what some might consider appropriate to wear in public. Florence, as well as many other cities the couple has visited over the summer, is a sprawling urban setting filled with people of all ages and from all over the world. West has previously been known to throw public approval to the wind and Censori may be following in his footsteps.

The presence of West and Censori in Italy begs the question of whether people should be more conscious of their style choices when visiting other countries, especially countries that may abide by a more conservative style.

The United States is known for its outgoing and flashy style and could be considered a fashion hub of the world. West and Censori by no means broke any rules with their odd appearance, but a general consideration for the lifestyle in other countries is not something to take lightly.

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