Time Capsule Fundraiser

On Saturday, October 8, A Magazine collected a handful of artifacts that reflect Kent State’s present-day culture and placed them into a time capsule that will be opened five years from now on the tenth anniversary of A Magazine.

Artifacts placed in the time capsule include current editions of all print media on campus, some of which were The Kent Stater, the Honor’s College publication, Brainchild, a KSU scarf, postcard from the Alumni Association, a comic book from Off The Wagon, and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton socks. Each of these artifacts will give future Kent State University students and faculty a little insight into the culture of campus, the interests and passions of Kent students and community members, and the political climate of 2016.

All print media has been shrink wrapped to ensure the quality of the works over the next five years, so they will easily be accessible to readers in the future.

A Mag also hosted the event with free pizza, cookies, pins, stickers, bags, and raffle prizes for all who came to celebrate and support the publication.

Stephanie Lawrence, the faculty advisor of A Magazine, expressed how the student’s idea of putting together the time capsule is a testament to “how fun A Magazine is.”

A ceremonial burial took place at 2 p.m. on Saturday in front of Franklin Hall. Five years from now, future A Magazine staff members will uncover the time capsule on the tenth year anniversary of A Mag. They will have the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of our students today, appreciate the progress the university will have made by that time, and continue to admire Kent’s changing culture through student media.

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