Winter Skin Routine: Remedies for All Skin Types

In Ohio, we see climate change like no other; from rain to snow in just one day, it’s hard to keep up. This constantly changing weather can not only take a toll on your mood, but more importantly, your hair and skin. Trying to avoid Hermione Granger hair feels with enough mousse and hairspray is one thing, but proper skin care is an entirely different process. From oily to dry, to a mixture of both, everyone’s skin can be sensitive to altering temperatures.

When you get to know your skin, it’s easy to fall into a daily routine to keep it healthy. Between moisturizers, toners, primers, cleansers, face masks and foundation, there are many face products that work best with specific skin types and sensitivity. Keep on reading to discover how to transform your beauty routine to fit your skin.

Oily Skin:

Face Wash

  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
    • This gentle face wash not only treats acne with salicylic acid ingredient, but gives you a refreshed just-woke-up feeling.


  • L’Oreal Hydrafresh Toner
    • An important step in your skincare routine: this can clean up any left over dirt or oil and can even help balance pH.


  • Murad Clarifying Mask
    • For oily skin, clay masks remove oil and also clean out your pores. This one by Murad works well for acne prone skin and fights against irritation as well.



Dry Skin:

Face Wash



  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
    • Rated ⅘ stars, this lotion is specifically made for dry skin, and it adds back moisture without leaving the skin greasy.

Along with these cold months targeting your face, your lips are more than likely feeling chapped. Here are the best chapsticks and lip scrubs to keep you feeling fresh.

The cure for chapped lips:

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