editor’s playlist: Abigail Miller


by Lisa Helland

From the Beastie Boys to tons and tons of Fiona Apple, I left no stone unturned with this playlist. While it sort of sounds like the kind of playlist your cool aunt could potentially bump to, it’s sadly made up of all the songs I’ve got in rotation at the moment.

It starts with “I Don’t Fit In” by Suburban Living, which essentially sums up everything I’ve ever felt, well, ever. Not only do I resonate with this song’s lyrics but I love its simplicity. It’s one of those songs that could definitely be in a car commercial.

Lana Del Rey kicked off sad bitch season with her sixth album, “Norman Fucking Rockwell!” last month. To celebrate the occasion (and also because I’m obsessed) I added two songs from her latest LP. “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Venice Bitch” are both equal parts sad, sexy and smart. Honorable mention: while it’s not on my list, the title track “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” is another favorite of mine. We all know a god damn man child or two.

OK. I know when you all see I added a Ryan Beatty song to my list you’re going to instantly judge me. It’s not what it looks like. This isn’t some 13-year-old, Justin Bieber shit. Like all of us have since 2009, he’s evolved. I first got reacquainted with Beatty when listening to Brockhampton’s latest album “Ginger” (which we love), as he’s featured on the album a couple of times. I figured if he’s cool enough to hang with Brockhampton, he must be pretty cool. I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t sleep on “Bruise.”

While reading their nearly 700-page memoir this summer, I got pretty deep into the Beastie Boys’ discography… and I regret nothing. There are so many songs I love by the Beasties but I made sure to add one of my very favorites: “Gratitude.” This song is nothing like their first album— there are no references to beer or women— instead, the song discusses hate, freedom and you guessed it: gratitude.

No other song can make you feel quite like “Sleep to Dream” by Fiona Apple does. It’s an oxymoron of sadness and ambition. It’s one of those turn-heartbreak-into-motivation songs, and just one example of Apple’s otherworldly songwriting abilities.

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