I got a reading from a Spiritualist medium and so can you


Art by Elliot Burr

Did you know there is a religion that practices mediumship? Did you know there is a church that practices this religion in Kent? Look no further than the First Spiritualist Church of Kent.

Under the direction of Reverend Edna Heacock, the First Spiritualist Church of Kent is a certified church that practices the nationally recognized religion of Spiritualism.

According to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, Spiritualism is the science, philosophy and religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, or conveying messages from the spirit world.

Those who practice Spiritualism believe in communication between the human, physical life on earth and the nonphysical spirit world through mediumship, according to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches manual.

The manual continues by stating that mediumship is performed by certified mediums who are trained to be aware of ideas or impressions coming from the spiritual world intended to assist others.

Heacock explains that the messages given by spirit through mediums are intended to help people in their daily life.

“(Messages) come through that can boost you up and make you feel better,” she said.

Heacock says mediums are aided by spirit guides, or angels and saints, who help them connect their own energy to others. 

“They (spirit guides) are there to help us…in knowing how to make a connection between my (the medium’s) energy and your (the recipient’s) energy,” she said.

Though messages are given by mediums, Heacock says that it is the recipient’s job to interpret the message within their own life, because mediums themselves do not know how it applies to the recipient’s personal life.

“They (the spirit guides) are not telling me what it means,” she said. “You are to take the message as it is given.”

I decided to attend a service at the First Spiritualist Church of Kent to see if I would receive any messages from spirit.

On my way to the church, I was scared of what might come from attending. Would it be an uncomfortable experience? Would I end up leaving with a curse? There was a swirl of doubts going through my head, but I decided to resist my urge to turn around and kept going.

As I reached the address on my GPS, I thought I was at the wrong place. I expected a large, cathedral style church, but instead, I approached a small, simple house with white siding.

I was scared to walk in, but I decided to do it anyway. When I walked in, I found a small assembly of people sitting in chairs placed in rows, with a medium from the church standing in front of them.

While I was afraid of feeling uncomfortable, this was not at all the case. Everyone there greeted me with a smile, as if I had always attended their services. Soon after, the event began.

There were three mediums present, and each of them took a turn standing in front of the group to give readings from spirit.

As the service proceeded, I began to relax and became increasingly intrigued by the readings presented. It was fascinating to hear what the mediums had to say to other people that were present and to witness their reactions to them. There were a few tears shed from people who received messages from loved ones and laughs shared from people who were seemingly teased by spirits for things they do in the physical world.

Later, when a medium asked permission to give me a message, I was nervous, but eager to hear what the spirit wanted to tell me.

Among my messages, I was told an analogy about being in the center of a teeter-totter. I was told I was traveling to one side and then the other. The medium went on to say that may mean something might need balanced out in my life.

I found this to be relevant in my life, as I sometimes get super involved in one thing and in turn neglect other things. I took this as spirit’s way of telling me to not be negligent.

I was also told I drink way too much caffeine and I should be sure to drink more water. I drink a lot of coffee and not a lot of water, so this made total sense. 

I didn’t expect a health lecture from the spirit, but here we are. 

The medium also discussed with me that I have been misunderstood in things I have said and done and that I am holding back because of it. I was told it’s time to move forward, even if everyone doesn’t agree.

This was something I needed to hear. I am extremely sensitive and take other people’s opinions to heart, so I’m thankful to have received that message.

After the mediums were finished giving messages, the event was over. Upon leaving, I was thanked by the mediums and attendants for coming and I left with a smile on my face.

I found the service to be a really fun and engaging event. I also found the people at the First Spiritualist Church of Kent to be incredibly warm and inviting. I truly enjoyed attending and I would go again in the future. 

Who knew receiving messages from Spirit could actually be a fun activity for a Saturday night?

The First Spiritualist Church of Kent at 146 West Oak Street has a message service on the third Saturday of every month, starting at 6:00. Cost of attendance is $10.00.

The church also has weekly services that contain messages from spirit on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Email [email protected] with any additional questions.