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A Deep Dive into the World of Tarot

Art by Allie DeVlaeminck

Prior to giving it a spin, I’d always been apprehensive about tarot reading and psychics because I felt they’d just tell me what I want to hear. But, in a newfound wave of adventure, I decided to give tarot a shot.

Finding a reader

Since this was my first time getting a tarot reading, I wanted to get a trustworthy reader. So I did what most people would…I googled it. I was surprised to find so many places near me that had tarot readers. But, after research and some review surfing, I decided to get my tarot read by Aurora, who is located right down the street in Kent!

Deciding on my questions

I was completely at a loss on what I should ask so I did some research. I read about people’s tarot experiences. I looked at a lot of forums as well. I ultimately decided that I would start out with some broad questions and get more specific as the reading went along.

So, what is tarot?

The first thing that Aurora told me was that tarot is not something religious, meaning that the way she reads is not a satanic occult ritual. She said that it is more a reading of energy past, present and future. Every tarot reader has a different way of reading the cards. Aurora said that she has three special talents that are imperative to the way she reads. She also believes that the cards have a way of reading themselves.

The reading

So, I walked up to a house late on a Tuesday night not knowing exactly what I’m getting into. I knocked on the door and a small lady answered. She told me to sit in a chair in what looked to be where she does all of her readings. I waited as she made me some tea trying to take in my surroundings. There were crystals scattered about the room and beads hanging from the doorway and the staircase. 

I was nervously fidgeting when she came back into the room and looked me over. She told me I have a strong spirit but a weak energy. I was terribly confused by what she meant and she could tell. 

“It means that you are easily affected by the energies around you,” she said.  

This I understood, and surprisingly enough it is true. She pulled out her tarot card deck and it looked peculiar. She told me that she used to use the regular set but now she likes to use chakra cards. 

So, we started the reading. I asked her about my career in the future. She told me that she likes the career path that I’ve chosen. She can see me being pretty well known in my field. And she can see that I will start my own business. But, I will have a hard path ahead of me and it will take a few years to establish myself. She told me she sees an internship in my future ,and that I will meet my mentor there. Also, that I would be offered a job in a big city and that I should take it. 

I never told her my major was fashion design, but her readings make sense with that career path. My next question was about my love life. I figured that it was one of the number one questions people ask during a tarot reading anyway. She then said that I will meet my soulmate before the end of the year. She told me she can feel his energy around me. She also said he will be tall with brown eyes and might be of mixed race and look like a hippie. I found this to be oddly specific, but there was still more to come. 

She told me she saw two children in my future. She asked if twins run in my family. They do and at this point, I was finding the reading just a tab bit too trippy. Aurora told me she sees twins, a boy and a girl, in my future. As she finished up my reading, I found myself on edge. Although some of what she said was way off the mark other things were eerily spot on. 

My thoughts

I went into this reading a skeptic and now I find myself more confused. Some of the things she said could have easily been lucky guesses. But, I often found myself asking how she knew other things about me. I don’t know if I believe everything she predicted will come true. However, I definitely recommend everyone get their tarot read at least once in life. If none of Aurora’s readings come true, it was still a great time and a cool experience.

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