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tiktok: gaining popularity and changing today’s media

art: Madeline Kreller

Fifteen seconds of fame is becoming one of the most popular past times amongst media users, ranging from young children to adults with the app, TikTok.

Formerly, TikTok is a creative social media application in which users can make short music videos and share them publicly.

It was launched in 2018, by Zhang Yiming and quickly became one of the most downloaded apps of the decade. Although the app was originally intended for a younger audience, it has caught the attention of users from 16-24.

Many people are using the platform to gain popularity by using hashtags and commonly used sounds across the app. One hashtag, #foryoupage, is often used because it allows others to view the video they made on their feed page. 

Videos become more popular the more views it receives, which typically advances its “likes.” When a video gains a lot of views and likes, it is considered a viral video.

Many popular creators on TikTok are gaining attention through other forms of media as well. Multiple influencers were invited to this year’s New York Fashion Week, for the first time for both the users and the company.

TikTok created a feature on the app with NYFW partners where creators could get a first look at the shows and share live updates. 

However, famous influencers are not the only ones creating content. Students from all over the world are partaking in the app, including Kent State University.

Kaitlin Bennett, the “Kent State Gun Girl,” has been featured across the site from her interactions with other people.

Other students have also gained a brief period of fame with a viral video on Kent State’s campus.

Luke Smith, sophomore psychology major, created a video with a friend that has gotten over 1.9 million views. 

“I never wanted the app, but my friends convinced me to download it because they said I would be good at it,” Smith said. “And the first TikTok I make goes viral.”

In a poll of 70 people, 65% of students answered that they do watch or have a TikTok account, while 35% do not.

“I think TikTok is definitely the most popular entertainment app at the moment and affects the kind of music we listen to, dances we do and other trends people our age follow,” Smith said.

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