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4 ways to transition to a spring wardrobe

art by: marisa deroma

When it comes to living in Northeast Ohio, there is a very contrasting weather pattern. That’s why it’s important to always keep certain clothing pieces in the closet during season changes.

As spring approaches, it’s time to begin incorporating some lighter pieces like tank tops, skirts and T-shirts. However, because the forecast varies everyday, it’s good to be able to keep winter clothing as well.

  1. Add layers

Layering clothing is the best way to either bundle up or keep it light in the transitioning weather. It’s best to start with some simple layers like a plain T-shirt, blouse, dress or leggings. Then, adding cardigans, sweaters, jackets, or parkas can warm up the outfit. Pair a plain tee with ripped jeans, boots and a jacket to create a warm and chic look.

  1. Add colors and prints

With the sunshine, comes light colors and unique patterns. Oftentimes, pastel colors become very popular in the springtime. Pair a pastel jacket with some dark denim to add some color. Wearing a colorful scarf with a jacket and a plain top and pants can add a seasonal twist to your outfit. Easing up on chunky knit sweaters and thick textures and going for a thinner and more flowy drape will help in better weather. Florals are also very popular with the blooming of spring which is always a great way to add an accent to your outfit.

  1. Choose lighter items

Even if it’s on the colder side, opting for a dress can be doable by adding knee high boots and a trench coat. It is the perfect way to have a chic outfit that flows while still remaining warm. Adding a skirt and pairing it with some solid or patterned tights to keep your legs warm is a great way to be fashionable while still being warm. Instead of wearing a large puffy winter parka, wear your blazer and your jacket and combine it with warmer layers underneath. If you want to keep it light on top, add a long sleeve satin blouse and add a camisole underneath or a jacket on top to still have some warmth while looking fresh.

  1. Accessorize

The best way to add to an outfit is choosing fun accessories. Instead of a knit hat or beanie, go for a floral or colorful bandana in your hair for a pop of color. Or add some funky sunglasses for a sunny and moderate temperature day. Accessories are always a good way to spice up an outfit, like with some layered chain necklaces or fun hoop earrings. 

By implementing these tips, your winter pieces will make the perfect transition into your spring wardrobe while still remaining cute and comfortable.

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