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“get your booty to the poll:” the sexiest psa to get your butt out to vote

art by: maryrose ceccarelli

You’ve heard of the popular campaigns Rock The Vote and When We All Vote to empower Americans to cast their ballots during elections. One 2020 campaign is grabbing the attention of news organizations, potential voters and even late-night hosts like Stephen Colbert, all while empowering sex workers and bringing progressive issues to light: Get Your Booty To The Poll.

Yes, this pun is incredible. This PSA features Black exotic dancers hailing from Atlanta encouraging you to make sure you know how and where to vote and closely examine your candidates as they make it rain with info and dollar bills. 

Director Angela Barnes and videographer Paul Fox wanted to specifically aim the message at Black men to empower them to vote and care about issues that matter to them, including issues of the justice system in their communities.

In the ad, one powerful message from the dancers stated, “It’s clear Black lives don’t matter to some of our current elected officials. If they matter to you, then don’t let other people decide who’s going to run your community.” 

Undoubtedly, this video featuring a little bit of booty and cleavage faced backlash from conservative communities. In response to that, Barnes said, “Black lives matter. That means all Black lives matter. So the respectability is not only ‘respectable lives matter,’ it’s all Black lives matter.

She also wanted to make sure the ad related to Georgia and shared, “Atlanta is famous for Coca-Cola and strip clubs.” 

While some were outraged by sex workers just doing their job, this ad is so important for humanizing strippers and sex workers and proving that they too are involved in the political process and have lives that are impacted by policies from the local to federal levels. 

When you head to the Get Your Booty To The Poll website, you will be able to register to vote, look at a sample ballot and learn how to vote early in your state. Plus, you can also meet the dancers featured in the ad and follow them on Instagram. 

Not only is it vital to vote to improve your community and pick candidates who care about marginalized communities, but you also get a sweet “I Voted” sticker when you cast your ballot. You can post it on your Instagram, or even stick it to your booty like one of these fine dancers.

The election is merely weeks away. Plan when and where you can cast your vote and make sure to stop by the campaign’s website for more information and voting resources.

Remember: Sex worker rights are human rights!

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