Yeezy Season 3

The ever so bold Kanye West has released yet another line of clothing to compliment his new album, The Life Of Pablo. Kanye has been known for his gutless innovations in the music and fashion industries, and somehow continues to thrive off of the support of his fans, regardless of his pretentious personality.

His new line received recognition during New York Fashion Week, as he disrupted the norms of fashion, while still maintaining the characteristics of his previous Yeezy Seasons. Though Kanye’s line is out of a typical college student’s budget, we can still be inspired nonetheless.

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    “Kanye looked happy on the screens. He was putting thought into it. We were listening to his album, and I felt like I understood his thought process,” said Alyse Rohloff, junior public relations major, who experienced the preview of Yeezy Season 3 while at New York Fashion Week.

    The line focuses on unique color palettes, militaristic trends and bulky fits.

    “There’s vibrant hues among the colors including neon blue and different sunset hues. He still has that monochromatic effect with different hues of browns throughout the slouchy, oversized garments we’re all used to,” said Adam Forrester, a sophomore fashion merchandising major.

    The basic undertones of Kanye’s line make it is easy to mock without breaking the bank. Earth tones look great on everyone and pairing an earth tone with another earth tone heightens Kanye’s genre of “pared-back-to-nothingness,” said Tim Blanks from Vogue magazine.

    For men, a sweatshirt and sweatpants do not have to be loungewear, but edgy street wear. An easy-to-find plush knit sweater translates well this spring and the coming fall season. The looks styled by Kanye obviously emphasize his shoes; but for a college student, practical weather-resistant boots fit the bill and complete the outfit.

    For women, the bulky fits and breathable material on the torso pair well with sleek body suits. Bold pieces, such as a bomber jackets combined with leggings elongate the legs and can flatter any figure. The ripped clothing may confuse some, but breaking the standard by wearing a ripped sweater can add depth and interest to your outfit.

    Think like Kanye. Be bold in your unique recreation of his line, but maybe without feeding into his ego and spending all of your money. Translating his exclusive line from runway garments to street style is as “Yeezy” as 1, 2, 3.