the 2020 after party


art by: maryrose ceccarelli

A new era is just about to begin in not only the U.S., but the entire world. People are getting used to wearing masks, most of the sectors around the world are getting their jobs back and last but not least, there is a new president in the United States. Crumbles and fragments of the last four years are all over the floor, glowing hot coal lay all around as if a huge fire just happened and our job is to pick up the pieces and put them back together while remembering the love that has kept us united all these years. The question is — after a disaster, do you stay or do you leave?

The truth is that disasters happen. Even if we seem to be prepared, they always strike when we least expect it. A sudden hurricane may bring a number of serious hazards, or a powerful earthquake may destroy factories, buildings, shops, roads and even schools. But what happens when the catastrophe is not natural, but a product of human “decisions,” or more specifically, human politics? 

The election of a leader is very important. A leader is not only an individual that performs decisions that impact a community [in our case, the overall society], but a leader is also a person that represents. They are the one that contains the values of the group they are leading. They must be courageous, honest, passionate, empathic and dedicated. 

The effects a leader has on a body of people can be underrated at times. To quote American writer Suzy Kassem, “A nation’s greatness depends on its leader.” Ultimately, a leader with good virtues will lead their people into a future of prosperity, unity and peace. So what happens when the leader is devious and dishonest?

The answers can be found in the news outlets, social media and even in the streets. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. Their deaths are proof of what happens to a society whose leader is corrupt and promotes division and disunity rather than integration and harmony. A leader goes beyond what we see. They influence how we behave with the person next door. Under a fake leader the cowards feel empowered, the weak acquire strength and the sick emancipate. 

2020 is almost over. White and snow are becoming the new theme. The smell of Christmas and the sight of reunion is coming alive once again. We must acknowledge the suffering we’ve been through and forgive the people that have been unkind to us. Through forgiveness we can build unity. If we want things to truly change, a different approach must be taken. 

Finally, we must accept that there are some things that are out of our control. Suffering is inevitable and sometimes, necessary. It’s only through the struggle that we can grow and evolve. Focus on what you can change. There’s a connection between the state of mind of a man or a woman and the state of immunity of his or her body. Understand that the loss of hope and courage can have a deadly effect. The last thing we can lose is hope. Ultimately, It doesn’t matter what we expect from life but rather what life expects from us. So let’s slowly stand up, forgive, appreciate the ashes and realize that we have a gift from the universe that not even the brightest star has — to look upon the sky and see its beauty.

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