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Must-Have Apps for college students

Illustration is by Livia Kirasic

In this day and age, having a phone is a privilege as well as a necessity for some people. I consider my phone part of my daily life, as it helps me get through the day. My phone allows me to communicate with people, take selfies, and even watch my favorite YouTubers. This is all nice and dandy, but there are some things I have discovered that my phone can do that helps me, past all the basics. I want to share with you some of the apps that I love and some that have made my life 110 times easier.


This first app is one of my favorites, and it changed my day to day. is an app similar to Pinterest. This app is designed for  influencers to  post and then link where they got their outfit, decor in their apartments/houses, or anything else fans are curious about. I have found so many cute outfit ideas, or items  for my own apartment through this app. 

  1.  Songshift

Songshift saved my life a few months ago. I used to be a dedicated Spotify girl but when I got a free trial for Apple Music there was no way I was going to pass it up. The only thing stopping me was that all my playlists were already on Spotify. This app moves all your playlists from one app to another,and all I had to do was hook up my accounts. I personally now use Apple Music, but if the day comes that I want to change back, I know exactly which app I’m using! 

  1.  UNiDAYS

I’ll be honest, college costs a lot of money, so being able to save where I can is always a plus. UNiDAYS gives you access to all sorts of deals, from lower TV subscriptions and tech accessories to clothing discounts and fast food coupons. In the app, you can favorite the brands you love and see what kind of deals they are running and what they offer for students! 

  1.  Google Calendar

If you’re anything like me,having a planner and calendar are necessities. From my phone to my physical calendars I have about six total. That’s a lot to keep track of, and Google Calendar makes keeping everything organized easy. I have separate sections of my calendars for different activities such as work, my sorority, or plans with friends. I also have when my bills come out and my paydays all in one place. Seeing everything color-coordinated, for a whole month, and being able to make plans on the fly is really helpful. 

  1.  Gametime

This app changed the game for me when it comes to buying tickets for events. Gametime is an app where you can purchase tickets, or look at lineups for sporting events and concerts. They have some of the lowest prices and even let you buy tickets the day of if you want to. I got decent seats for a Cleveland Cavaliers game, for under $35… for two people. That’s a super good deal, especially since it was when LeBron was still with us. When concerts or sporting events become more popular after the pandemic, definitely check out Gametime!

  1. Fabulous 

This last app is by far the one that has helped me adjust to college life the most. Fabulous is an app that is free, but with limitations, and offers a paid subscription as well. It lets you get notifications about things in your daily routines, such as “make sure you take your vitamins” or “drink water when you wake up.”  It also gives you motivational and self-care graphics every day to keep yourself motivated and positive throughout the day. 

Hopefully, you found one of these apps that caught your interest that you want to try. These are my favorite apps for my phone and some of these, I live by religiously. I use them pretty much every day and they make being a busy college student way better than ever before. 

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